Why Product Managers Need to Leverage Facebook

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1.32 million minutes. That’s the average amount of time users spent on Facebook per day in August 2010.*

What if getting up to 1.32 million minutes of exposure per day was as easy as setting up a Facebook page? Would you do it?

It’s no secret that Facebook is a huge time sink, but did you know that Facebook accounted for 9.9% of people’s time on the internet last month? Considering that last year it was only 5%, it is safe to say Facebook has a growing number of eyeballs constantly on the site.*

US Internet Users Who Use Social Network Sites, by Age, 2005-2010

Chances are you already have a personal Facebook page that you’ve been growing for a few years now. You probably have a network of friends who keep checking back to see what’s going on in your life. You can do the same thing for your company and products!

We created our 280 Group Facebook page about one month ago and we have already used it to contact our followers and announce training sessions, new products and even ask them some questions. We even import our blog posts as notes to appear on our Facebook page.

The like button is about to become your best friend. When someone likes your Facebook page, a small blurb pops up in their news feed. E.G., when I liked the 280 Group page, all of my friends saw “Jillian likes 280 Group” and they were able to click on that message to learn more about what the 280 Group was.

Just think. If one person likes your page, a message goes out to their network of of 200 friends (and that’s a conservative estimate) and just 5 people decide they also like your page, the message goes out to their networks… your page can be seen by thousands of people within just a few hours.

Facebook’s like button is such an easy way to get your company or product page to go viral, it’s time that you start using your Facebook powers for good.

*Figures come from Mashable’s “Web Users Now Spend More TIme on Facebook Than Google”

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