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Product Management Methodology

Optimal Product Management Methodology and Process

The foundation of our methodology is the 280 Group Optimal Product Process, a modern and flexible Product Management process that meets today’s Product Management and Product Marketing challenges.

Product Management Methodology

Optimal Product Management Methodology

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The benefits of the 280 Group Optimal Product Process include:

  • Covers all phases of the product lifecycle
  • Supports and builds on an industry standards
  • Has corresponding vendor-neutral certifications
  • Can be completely customized for any company and development methodology
  • Provides for continuous improvement of Product Management and Product Marketing functions
  • Leverages work and skills across teams as well as companies and industries

At the 280 Group we believe

  • Effective Product Management Methodology contributes to healthy organizations, high quality products, profitable businesses and high customer satisfaction.
  • Higher profits, better products and long-term competitive advantage are the result of implementing excellent Product Management process.
  • Well-trained Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers have the opportunity to become a company’s next generation of business leaders as they advance in their careers.

Who we are

The 280 Group team transforms organizations and individuals to perform highly effective Product Management based on our innovative and easily adopted Optimal Product Management process.

“In an ideal world, every organization would embrace Product Management and Product Marketing as a critical strategic driver to win in the marketplace.”

Brian Lawley, 280 Group CEO and Founder

Business Solutions for Teams and Organizations

For teams and organizations seeking to dramatically improve the effectiveness of Product Management into a strategic business driver, the 280 Group provides consulting, contractors, training, coaching, books and templates based on the Optimal Product Process framework. Unlike other Product Management training or consulting firms, the 280 Group solution goes far beyond just training, and can be custom-tailored to best suit the needs of the organization using the unique, innovative and flexible 280 Group Optimal Product Process Methodology.

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Training and Skills Development for Individuals

For Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers seeking to be more effective on the job, advance their careers and increase their job satisfaction, the 280 Group provides a highly effective and customized program consisting of training, coaching, templates and books based on the OPP framework and Product Management Methodology. Unlike other Product Management training companies, the 280 Group’s offerings go far beyond just training to support individuals’ skills development throughout their career, transforming them from Product Manager to business leader.

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