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280 Group Difference

280 Group Methodology: The Optimal Product Process™

The comprehensive Optimal Product Process Framework for Product Management and Product Marketing across the entire product lifecycle that provides a foundation for organizations looking to optimize product success in the marketplace.

A complete solution for teams and entire organizations

Through our Optimal Product Management Assessment program we can help you diagnose your group and build a comprehensive and customized plan for up-leveling Product Management in your organization. Through a combination of training, certifications, coaching, templates and other products and services, we can give you a complete solution that no other company offers.

Training and support at every stage of your career

Foundation and advanced training courses to help you become more effective and accelerate your career.

Proven templates and toolkits

Based on decades of experience, the toolkits and Product Management Office can be leveraged to get your projects done more quickly and effectively.

An excellent reputation and many satisfied clients

You can be sure you’ll get the highest quality work and the results you want—since 1998 we have helped a large range of clients and have gotten rave reviews that showcase the 280 Group difference.

Hand-picked consultants and contractors that deliver premium results

Our team of consultants and contractors come highly recommended through our networks and have been pre-screened for you, so you don’t have to do the work to find them. We only work with the best of the best.

Experience across a wide range of technologies and markets

We’ve worked on software, hardware and Internet products and services and have experience in consumer, small business, enterprise, government and education markets. We have experience in all types of technologies and products, including cloud, security, mobile, SaaS and many other sectors. As a client you get to leverage the learning from dozens of products and industries.

Cost-effective, scalable solutions

We can provide one person or an entire team to help you accomplish your goals and scale to your needs. We keep our overhead low, and we want to build long-term relationships with clients so that they keep coming back time and time again. With our reasonable and competitive rates, you get a virtual team that you can tap into at any time without taxing your budget.