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The Optimal Product Process Solution

Transforming companies to maximize performance, processes, and profits

Do you:

  • Create products that no one buys?
  • Have product schedules repeatedly slip?
  • Copy competitors rather than lead?
  • Endure high cost of sales?
  • Suffer low customer satisfaction?
  • Spend on large marketing budgets without measurable results?
  • See prices eroding and profit margins shrinking?
Implementing the Optimal Product Process Solution leads to:

  • Products that ship on time and on budget.
  • Cost-effective product launches.
  • Right sized marketing budgets.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and lower support costs.
  • Strong brand awareness.
  • Great press and positive word of mouth.
  • Marketplace success.

The 280 Group Optimal Product Process Solution addresses key components of product development and marketing: skills, processes, performance.

For businesses that seek to deliver better products while increasing profits, the OPP Solution is a consulting practice that delivers long-lasting sustained transformation of product development organizations. Unlike services from narrowly focused Product Management training-only companies, or large, all-things-to-all-people consulting firms, the 280 Group Optimal Product Process solution offers an effective multi-phase process that transforms Product Management organizations, people, processes and products delivered by experienced consultants.

We engage with companies to transform their product development and marketing organizations into high-performing, sustainable business creation functions. Using our exclusive 280 Group Optimal Product Process framework, we help organizations establish a culture of continuous improvement. We introduce a method for benchmarking and measuring Product Management and Product Marketing efforts. We train staff, implement a customized version of the 280 Group Optimal Product Process Lifecycle, provide hands-on consulting as needed, and mentor key staff.

In short: Optimal Product Management = Increased Shareholder value

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How the Optimal Product Process Solution works

Changing an organization is hard. Very hard.

The Optimal Product Process Solution is a customized consulting engagement that infuses organizations with effective, efficient, and high-performing product development and Product Marketing processes as well as best practices.

Working with the client, 280 Group consultants craft a customized plan for improving the Product Management function while meeting the organization’s immediate business objectives, then support the client long-term to assure that business goals are met.

Working together with the key stakeholders in the client organization, we craft realistic, actionable plans for developing and launching products successfully into the marketplace. To support these plans, we provide a set of performance metrics that can be tracked by management and the teams themselves to drive high performance.

280 Group Optimal Product Process Solution

280 Group Optimal Product Process Solution

Our change management plans address common product development issues such as:

  • Process flaws or gaps
  • Organizational design options
  • Knowledge and skills gaps
  • Communications and decision-making issues
  • Talent development and staffing needs
  • Internal communications strategies
  • Governance
The 280 Group Optimal Product Process Solution incorporates best practices in the techniques of Product Management rooted in John Kotter’s change management philosophy, to result in an organization that learns continuously so that it can sustain itself through and beyond transformation.

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