Product Management Manifesto

About the Product Management Manifesto

Product Management is not a very well understood profession. Over the past 25 years I have found myself having to explain many times what a Product Manager does. Oftentimes executives and others have no idea what a Product Manager’s role is or why a Product Manager is so important in bringing great products to market.

I personally believe that Product Management is one of the most interesting and important jobs out there, so I decided to write this Product Management Manifesto to explain what we as Product Managers do. You can download it here—feel free to send it around to those on your team (engineers, sales, operations, support, etc.) and your management so they know what your role is. Place it prominently in your cube or office and point to it the next time someone asks you why Product Management is important.

On behalf of the 280 Group team and myself we hope this helps you ship some great products!

Brian Lawley
CEO & Founder, 280 Group LLC

Download The Product Management Manifesto

Download Product Management Manifesto

Product Management Manifesto

  • I am a Product Management professional.
  • I am dedicated to bringing great products to market. Products that delight my customers. Products that are massively profitable for my company. Products that help change the way people work and live.
  • In the course of managing my products there are thousands of small decisions that must be made and tasks that must be accomplished. The sum of these can add up to a phenomenal product. I choose to own the responsibility for making this happen.
  • I am an expert in all areas regarding my products: customers, the market, technology, competition, channels, press, analysts, trends and anything else that must be taken into account in order to win.
  • I have a strong vision for my products, and develop winning strategies that align with my company’s goals and ensure that our investments of time, money and energy are well‐spent.
  • I am committed to using the best methodologies, tools, templates and techniques available to be more efficient and effective at my job.
  • I have a plan for my career and I will further my professional status by attending training courses, becoming certified and reading books, blogs and newsletters to learn best practices.
  • I am the voice of my customers, and represent them in every critical decision that is made.
  • I am a leader. I develop strong alliances with everyone that I need to in order to ensure the success of my product. This includes salespeople, engineers, support, customers, channel and business partners, management, the Board of Directors and anyone else necessary. Some of these people will be very difficult to work with, but I will find a way to make everyone successful as a team.
  • I refuse to settle for mediocrity, and I will be tenacious and professional in my approach to getting the best possible results.
  • I believe that Product Management is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs in the world. Though I will face great odds and challenges I refuse to become jaded or negative.
  • Though I have all of the responsibility, it is highly likely I have little or no formal authority. Therefore I will do whatever it takes to persuade others to do what is right for customers and my company.