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Whether you’re new to product management or a seasoned veteran, all product professionals should work off a solid foundation. Knowing the outcomes you’re working towards is the best foundation that product managers can work from, so how do you get yourself and your team aligned on the right outcomes from the start?

The 280 Group Blueprint

Our Product Management process was created by our team of consultants and trainers with over 150 years of combined Product Management and Product Marketing experience. It is a comprehensive Product Management framework that covers everything a company or team needs to create products that delight customers and maximize revenues. The 280 Group Blueprint™ is designed to be flexible and customizable.

To help companies fully adopt and customize the Product Management Blueprint, we offer an optimization program, training, and certifications.

Learn About Our Product Management Process

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Optimal Product Process (OPP)

Product Management Business Case Document
Market Needs Document
Product Description Document
Roadmap Document Beta Plan
Product Marketing Market Strategy Document Launch Plan Marketing End of Life
Exit Criteria Approval to fund business planning Approval to fund development Product ready for field testing Product and organization ready On-going marketing ready New version or retire completely
Phases and Activities Conceive

Discover opportunities

Validate product market fit

Develop preliminary documents


Create roadmap and strategy

Finish business plans

Deliver final documents


Solidify develop plans

Finish beta plan

Final feature list


Run beta/pilot program

Finish launch plan

Test messaging and positioning


Release product, gather feedback

Finish marketing plan

Perform post mortem


Run/monitor marketing

Support sales

Plan EOL and next release


Communicate EOL

Plan sunset or replacement

Perform post mortem

The OPP framework is completely customizable and flexible, making it easily adopted by any company regardless of size, maturity, or development methodology.

Development - Agile, Hybrid, Waterfall
Documentation - None, Lightweight, Formal
Maturity - Startup, Small/Medium, Enterprise

The Components of Our Product Management Blueprint

The 280 Group Blueprint defines the phases and corresponding activities that every product or service goes through. The gates that must be passed through in order to move to the next phase are also identified. Roles and responsibilities are clarified for Product Management (primarily inbound – planning of great new products) and Product Marketing (primarily outbound – messaging, positioning, pricing, launch and marketing to customers). The tasks that must be done by each of the roles during each phase are also clearly identified.

For years, we taught the “optimal product process”, (much of which is included in the new 280 Group Blueprint), but over time our team of product experts has found ways to improve on the optimal product process while making the process more focused on outcomes. The new Blueprint is broken into 5 sections:

  • Context: The outermost ring is the “context” ring in which any product professional, (new or experienced), can start by understanding their role and how they are operate within an organization.
  • Discover + Investigate: As the first piece of the Discovery phase, it’s important for product managers to investigate by gathering insights and potential opportunities based on customer/user pain-points and desires.This is an important time to stay focused on the problem space.
  • Discover + Define: Discovery extends beyond the problem space and into the solution space, as product managers begin to explore potential solutions with the help of a solidified problem statement. This is also a key time to determine product-market fit.
  • Create: Moving out of the discovery phase, product managers can shift into product creation, focusing on go-to-market, testing, troubleshooting, and more.
  • Deliver: Your solution is delivered to customers/users, but that doesn’t mean you’re done. How do you measure success? Are you on the road to your outcomes? What comes next?
  • Checkpoints: You may have noticed the checkpoints in the 280 Group Blueprint, (marked with a small diamond shape), which are points in the process strategically placed as reminders to validate and communicate. With that, these checkpoints are also key times you can utilize in your organization’s governance process.

The Full 280 Group Playbook Templates

The 280 Group Playbook Templates list

Explore Our Full Blueprint

The 280 Group Blueprint is a high-level, holistic overview of the Outcome Product Management process, which makes it easy to break down and understand the process quickly. The 280 Group Blueprint, however, is more of a summary of a very detailed and intricate process. With that in mind, we designed the 280 Group Playbook to empower and guide product managers through the 280 Group Blueprint to become more outcome driven.

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