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Product Management Solutions

Product Management solutions from the 280 Group

Whether you are an individual looking to supercharge your Product Management career or a manager or executive interested in bringing great new products to market or optimizing Product Management with your team or company, the 280 Group is the only company in the world with a complete suite of Product Management solutions that can meet your needs.

Product Management solutions:

  • Product Management assessments—get an accurate picture of how effective Product Management is for your team or company, and let us create a customized plan for getting you to the next level.
  • Individuals—our combination of training, coaching, certification, templates and books can get your career on the fast track
  • Teams and organizations—our Optimal Product Process can be used to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Product Management and help you ship better products with increased revenue
  • Coaching—let our coaches give you the advice and guidance you need to succeed in Product Management

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