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Product Management Consultants and Contractors

Hire a Product Management consultant or contractor to help your products succeed

A Product Management consultant or contractor can help your company bring world-class, customer-focused products to market faster. Product Management consultants can work on short or long-term projects such as customer and market research, product strategy, competitive analysis, market analysis, and writing MRDs (Market requirements documents). Product Management contractors can act as an interim employee, taking the place of staff that are on vacation, sabbaticals or maternity leave, or fill in if you don’t have full-time headcount to hire a permanent employee.


Tasks a Product Management consultant or contractor can perform for your company

Optimize your product management function and process

  • Define a process to meet your needs
  • Optimize your current process
  • Determine which development processes (agile versus waterfall) are appropriate
  • Analyze and make recommendations for optimizing your current process
  • Leverage 280 Group methodology to get you to a world-class process quickly

Perform market analysis

  • Identify and size target markets
  • Determine markets that are appropriate for your company’s unique talents
  • Perform customer and market research

Execute customer research to determine critical needs required for your products

  • “Quick and dirty” surveys and customer interviews to rapidly and inexpensively validate ideas
  • Market research through secondary research sources such as analyst firms and industry experts

Define products based on customer needs

  • Write MRDs (Market Requirements Documents), PRDs (Product Requirements Documents) and define products
  • Give engineering teams clear and concise information about customer needs
  • Prioritize feature sets into “Must Have”, “Nice to Have” and “Next Release”
  • Develop short-term and long-term product roadmaps

Perform product roadmapping

  • Capture, analyze and prioritize all requirements
  • Create a multi-year release plan
  • Use best practices such as “Themes” and “Golden Features” to create a well thought out plan

Work with and guide engineering teams

  • Determine feature versus schedule tradeoffs
  • Make difficult feature decisions
  • Decide whether products are ready for first customer ship

Manage beta customer sites

  • Write early customer success stories
  • Gather initial product feedback
  • Secure early customer wins to validate additional financing

Conduct competitive analysis

  • Ensure you have an accurate and non-biased picture of your competition
  • Help you determine whether to enter a market based on the current competitive environment

Ship products

  • Define and manage all in-box components
  • Create product packaging
  • Work with operations to create BOM and manufacturing plans

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