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Product Marketing Consultants and Contractors

Hire a Product Marketing consultant to accelerate your product’s success

A Product Marketing consultant or contractor can help your company build revenue momentum and buzz in the marketplace. Product Marketing consultants can do short or long-term projects such as strategy, pricing, competitive analysis or white papers. Product Marketing contractors can come in and act as an interim employee, taking the place of staff that are on vacation, sabbaticals or maternity leave, or filling in if you don’t have full-time headcount to hire a permanent employee.


Tasks that a Product Marketing consultant can perform for your company

Manage product launches

  • Write marketing and launch plans
  • Manage press tours
  • Train sales staff and others
  • Create Collateral
  • CraftMessaging
  • Manage PR, press and review programs
  • Deliver success stories and customer testimonials

Create product messaging

  • Determine positioning
  • Write features and benefits
  • Create contents for collateral, data sheets, white papers, presentations, reviewer’s guides, etc.
  • Determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Set pricing

  • Determine overall strategy
  • Create pricing matrices and methodologies
  • Determine discount levels and special pricing for education and other markets

Create effective sales tools

  • Write white papers
  • Develop presentations
  • Create content for collateral and websites
  • Deliver scripted and self-running demos
  • Write FAQs
  • Script and manage production of videos
  • Develop lead qualification tools

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