Product Management Assessment and Optimization Program

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Identify and Overcome Challenges in Your Organization

Product Management can be one of the most important strategic functions in a company. Great Product Management leads to more successful and more profitable products, happier customers and long-term winning strategies to conquer markets. It also ensures that your company doesn’t waste money developing, marketing and selling products that don’t meet customer needs.

If you have any of the following challenges, the Product Management optimization program can help you to effectively overcome them.

  • Ineffective, non-existent or multiple processes being used?
  • Skill level of your Product Managers varies significantly?
  • Product Management not valued or respected in your organization?
  • Lack of strategic leadership in your product planning efforts?
  • Products not meeting customer needs?
  • Schedules or quality slipping?

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Optimize Product Management at your company!

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Become Fully Optimized

We have helped hundreds of companies up-level their Product Management organizations to achieve the next level of excellence. Our Product Management Assessment and Optimization Program is a proven method for getting teams or entire organizations to a fully optimized state in a short period of time.

Product Management Assessment and Optimization Program

Product Management Assessment and Optimization Results

How the Product Management
Optimization Program Works

We have a proven methodology for doing a deep and holistic diagnosis and analysis of your company’s Product Management function and working with you to craft and implement a highly-effective set of recommendations. The deliverable is an optimization plan and program that we co-craft with you based on your specific company challenges that you can implement to see results fast.

Diagnose and Analyze: People, Process and Tools

  • Interview key players
  • Study process and documents
  • Conduct an online individual skills assessment
  • Perform a gap analysis against our Optimal Product Process

Co-Craft a Strategy with You: Report, Plan and Deliver

  • Process: phases, tasks, core documents and templates
  • Roles
  • Decisions
  • Individual skills reports

Hear from Our Customers

Sarah Gaeta
VP, Business and Product Operations for Tivo

Implementing the Product Management Optimization Plan

Once we have co-crafted the plan with you then we can help you roll it out to your team or organization. This can include educating the executives and stakeholder to get their buy-in and support, developing and delivering custom training to your Product Managers based on which areas the individual skills reports indicate you need the most focus and assisting with coaching and change management to make the changes stick.


Gather Data and Conduct Surveys and Interviews


Deep Analysis of Data and Gap Analysis Comparison with Optimal Product Process


Analysis of Tools, Documents and Templates

Report and Plan

Presentation of Draft Findings and Co-Crafting of Optimization Plan


Delivery of Final Process, Roles, Decision Making Criteria and Core Document Templates

Follow Up

Optional: Getting Executive Support, Custom Training, Change Management, Coaching

The Benefits of the Product Management Optimization Program

  • Buy-in and support for GREAT Product Management across your company
  • An effective and highly-efficient standardized product process
  • MUCH more effective Product Managers
  • Role clarity
  • Standardized tasks and decision criteria for every phase of the Product Lifecycle
  • Consistent documents and templates for all activities
  • Products being driven by deep strategic thinking rather than tactical reactions
  • Delighted customers and increased profits

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Product Management Optimization in Action

From startup to stability. Building a company on Product Management knowledge and processes.

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280 Group Difference

A Proven Process

Our Product Management framework is called the Optimal Product Process™. It is a comprehensive Product Management framework and process that covers everything that a company or team needs to create products that delight customers and maximize revenues and profitability. Designed to be flexible and customizable, it can be used with any development methodology, including Agile and Waterfall/Phase-Gate.

Our Team

Roger Snyder

Roger Snyder

Vice President of Marketing
Roger Snyder, Vice President of Marketing
Roger Snyder is the Vice President of Marketing, and a Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. He has over 25 years of experience in high technology, first working in development, project management, and business development before finding his true passion – product management. Before joining 280 Group, Roger led product management teams for over 15 years, serving as Sr. Director or Vice President of product management at multiple firms. He was a key contributor to the success and growth of Openwave, increasing revenues in the core infrastructure business to over $100M in 3 years. At Danger, Roger led the…
Pamela Schure - Director of Products and Services

Pam Schure

Director of Products and Services
Pam Schure, Director of Products and Services
Pamela Schure is the Director of Products and Services with 280 group. She is a 25 year product management, product marketing and international business veteran with companies such as Apple, Sun Microsystems and Adaptec. She has worked with many companies, small and large, in diverse industries to determine what the key success factors are. She has deep expertise in how to use Product Management and Product Marketing skills to transform businesses and products. Her goal is to provide the world’s best consulting and training service to our clients. Drawing on her experience with many different types of products at various…
Tom Evans

Tom Evans

Principal Consultant and Trainer
Tom Evans, Principal Consultant and Trainer
Tom Evans is a Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group and is an internationally recognized authority in product management, product marketing, international business, go-to-market strategies, business partnerships and entrepreneurship. In his extensive experience, he has helped start-ups through Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products and has led business development efforts in the US and global markets. Tom has been responsible for successfully developing and implementing Product Management & Product Marketing methodologies at multiple companies. Tom’s experience covers numerous vertical industries, technologies, and international markets. His industry experience includes complex software solutions for manufacturing, document management, call…
Colleen O'rourke

Colleen O’Rourke

Principal Consultant and Trainer
Colleen O’Rourke, Principal Consultant and Trainer
Colleen O’Rourke is a Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. She has 20 years of experience in the technology business, working in engineering as well as program and product management in startups to Fortune 500 companies. Colleen’s diverse experience includes complex CAD software platforms, project management SAAS systems, and hardware products and consumables manufactured in the US. From this broad experience, Colleen is able to quickly diagnose product management challenges that companies face, and implement solutions leading to great teams, great products, and revenue growth. Throughout her career Colleen has nurtured a strong belief that powerful leadership is not…
Ken Feehan

Ken Feehan

Principal Consultant and Trainer
Ken Feehan, Principal Consultant and Trainer
Ken Feehan is a Principal Consultant and Trainer for 280 Group. Ken has deep experience in both the product development and Go-To-Market phases of the product cycle. He has worked/consulted to hardware, software, cloud, infrastructure and services companies and understands the business needs of each. His goal is to help clients to use data in order to make smart, timely decisions and create just enough process to ensure that the Product team is perceived to be the market, product and customer experts. Ken engages with sales, marketing and actual customers to track the strengths and weaknesses of the product and…
Bill Haines

Bill Haines

Principal Consultant and Trainer
Bill Haines, Principal Consultant and Trainer
Bill Haines is a Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group. He is recognized as an authority in product management, B2B marketing at all levels, and strategy. Having completed over 90 consulting projects for clients ranging from medical information to manufacturing, Bill helps leaders to prepare both people and products for market success. In addition to Product Management training and coaching, Bill is an expert in PM process and organization optimization. On the marketing front he is author of: The 21 Rules of B2B Marketing and has particular expertise in positioning, messaging, market assessment, and planning. Bill has also…
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