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Product Management Assessments

Our Product Management Assessments can help take your company or team to the next level!

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Product Management is one of the most important strategic functions in a company. Great Product Management leads to more successful and more profitable products, happier customers and long-term winning strategies to conquer markets. It also ensures that your company doesn’t waste money developing, marketing and selling products that don’t meet customer needs and should not have been built in the first place.

Optimal Product Management Assessment Process diagram

Optimal Product Process Assessment

Our Product Management Assessments ensure that you have the following elements in place:

  • An effective product process (as lightweight as possible for your culture)
  • A great team who understands their role and is trained to perform at a high level of competence
  • Excellent standardized tools and templates to ensure that deliverables can be created quickly
  • Systems in place for ongoing company improvements/learning and leveraged collaboration

The 280 Group Product Management Assessments are a service where we do an in-depth analysis of the Product Management function at your company (process, people and tools), provide concrete recommendations for dramatically improving its effectiveness, and assist you with implementing key changes. By working with 280 Group, you can ensure that you are implementing best practices and that product management will help drive your company’s overall success.

To perform the Product Management Assessments, 280 Group assigns a team of senior consultants to work with your company. Our rapid and thorough assessment will provide you with a plan to dramatically improve Product Management at your company in a short period of time.

Let 280 Group help you build a plan to optimize your company’s Product Management function

The deliverable for the assessment is:

  • Presentation to stakeholders and/or executive staff
  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendations
  • In-depth plans for additional work to execute the recommendations.

For in-depth information about how Optimal Product Management can help your company, contact us.

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