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Expert Product Management Recruitment Services Tailored To Your Team’s Unique Needs

Do you need a Product Management recruiter that truly understands the role you are trying to fill? Are you finding it difficult to hire the best Product Management talent for your company?

280 Group’s Product Management Recruitment Service is customized specifically to your recruiting needs, ensuring you acquire talent that will deliver measurable impact to your organization’s Product Management goals.  

Through our proven process, we take the time to understand your needs and dive deep into the niche role characteristics that most recruiters skip. We know the right questions to ask you to really understand the role you want to fill, based on our 20+ years assisting the world’s most innovative Product Management teams. We then use our extensive network of qualified Product Management professionals to identify the right candidates for you. 

Whether you are looking for Product Management, Product Marketing, Digital PM, Agile PM, or Executive PM talent, 280 Group is here to help you succeed in making a successful strategic hire. 

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Specialization Counts

We are the only company in the world who’s recruiting services are exclusively limited to Product Management and Product Marketing roles. Our Recruiters love, live, and breathe Product Management—this allows us to find and acquire top talent for you faster.

Our Product Management recruitment service targets Manager, Senior Manager, Director, and VP positions in these product roles:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Manager with Agile experience
  • Product Line Manager
  • Product Portfolio Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Product Marketing
  • Digital Product Manager

Why Leading Organizations Trust and Partner with 280 Group for Recruiting

Our Experienced Network

Our network of qualified Product Managers and Product Marketers is unmatched, in part because we trained many of them ourselves through our industry-recognized training programs.

Recognition of Key Competencies

We have trained tens of thousands of Product Managers and Product Marketers giving us a unique understanding and appreciation for key skills needed to succeed in these fields.

Expansive Industry Relationships

We have worked with thousands of companies across most industries and understand how the ideal candidate will differ based on the industry or market, or more importantly, the unique way your product team may operate. We specialize in Director and VP - level positions, but can also help source senior-level Product Managers for digital, software, agile, and special niches that are hard to fill.

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