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Helping You With Your Team Challenges

Product Management can be one of the most strategic functions in a company. Great Product Management leads to more successful and more profitable products, happier customers, and long-term winning strategies to conquer markets. But getting it right isn’t easy. Teams frequently face these kinds of challenges:

  • Products don’t meet customer needs
  • Vague or inconsistent Product Management processes
  • Product Managers with no formal training and differing skill levels
  • The Product Management team is undervalued
  • Product schedules or quality don’t hit their targets

We can help. Through our tailored services we have helped other companies:

  • Increase product profitability by up to 30%
  • Drive skill gains of 20-60% across 15 skill dimensions
  • Reduce product development planning cycles by up to 60%

We offer a comprehensive set of services to meet your needs:

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Private Custom Training

Our custom training draws from a library of courses to transform your Product Management team by focusing on the specific issues your organization faces. Led by industry experts and trusted by Enterprise organizations, our outcome-driven training gives you a competitive advantage. We empower your team with the cutting-edge skills and concepts they need while aligning your current processes, roles, terminology, and products for measurable impact you can see immediately.


We offer the broadest and richest set of solutions to draw upon to ensure we meet your specific needs for teams of eight or more:  

Optimization & Assessments

Many Product Management teams find themselves burdened by reactive ad-hoc processes, insufficient role and decision-making clarity, and skill-set limitations. For over 20 years, our product management consulting team has helped hundreds of companies up-level and transform their Product Management organizations to achieve the next level of excellence. Our Product Management Assessment and Optimization Program is the recognized solution for getting your entire organization on a clear path to becoming fully optimized.

  • Diagnose challenges and opportunities
  • Set improvement goals and metrics
  • Co-craft an action plan
  • Implement, measure results, and follow up
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“Our team of Product Managers have been reinvigorated. They used the training to learn, discuss and now try out new tools and approaches to increase the quality of their work.”
Lesley Hanly
VP of Product Management, Informatica

Product Management Consulting

Do you need an expert product professional to take over a key product effort, or drive a company initiative for you? Perhaps someone who can build or reinvigorate a Product Management team? Or someone to drive a product plan forward while your team member is on leave? We can help. Our strategic product management consultants can drop in for weeks or months to provide business continuity or tackle critical initiatives.

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