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Product Management Training and Product Marketing Training

We offer Product Management training in three formats: In-Person Training, Online Courses and Private Custom Training.

Product Management Training Options

In-Person Training and Certification

In-Person Product Management Training and CertificationsWe offer Product Management training and certifications throughout the world. Topics covered include: core Product Management and Product Marketing skills, Agile, people skills, leadership and more. We hold several courses every month in a wide range of locations. Our training comes with a corresponding online course which lets you review all the content from the in-person training and includes quizzes, exercises, study materials, additional content and a comprehensive practice exam and certification exam administered by the AIPMM.

Join other attendees in these intensive workshop-style Product Management courses. Training is comprised of lectures, extensive hands-on exercises with instructor feedback, useful handouts and corresponding templates for productivity. Learn the core skills necessary to be a highly-effective Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager.

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Online Courses

Online Product Management Courses Get started today with our online courses and certification exams. These comprehensive courses allow you to study at your own pace to learn core Product Management skills and earn a worldwide-standard certification from AIPMM.

Online courses include learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials and a comprehensive practice exam to prepare you for certification. Upon completion of the online courses you can take the Certified Product Manager, Certified Product Marketing Manager and Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner exams to show you have mastered the material and thoroughly understand the concepts.

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Private Custom Training

Private Custom Product Management TrainingCustom-tailored, on-site training to optimize your Product Management team. Solve your biggest challenges with a perfectly customized course. These courses will take your entire team up to a new level of excellence rapidly. Private training is also very helpful for getting new hires up to speed.

Courses can be taught with the same material used in our in-person training or they can be highly customized for the specific needs of your organization. This includes matching the Product Management process and terminology you use and working on your company’s products while doing the exercises. We offer a wide range of training, from one-hour seminars to multi-day intensive courses.

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Our Product Management Training Is The Best Available

From startups to Fortune 500, we have trained Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers from thousands of companies.

Here are just a few:

Product Management Training and Product Marketing Training Clients

There is no other company in the world that offers our full range of courses and highly customizable Product Management training solutions.


Why Choose 280 Group?

Small Class Sizes

We limit the number of attendees in our courses so that we can include highly interactive exercises and provide a workshop style learning environment.

Experienced Instructors

Our trainers are active Product Management consultants with 20+ years of experience. Learn best practices from world-class Product Managers.

Content Retention

In-person training also include the online version for review and a certification exam to ensure that students deeply learn the skills and knowledge.

Why Our Training and Learning Process is Unmatched

All 280 Group in-person training comes with a corresponding online course and certification. Why? Product Management is a difficult topic to master. Oftentimes students walk out of training with a new set of skills and knowledge that they are ready to apply, only to find that after a few weeks or months they forget the skills and concepts they learned and are slipping back to old habits. The online course included with your training allows you to review all the material you learned for one year after you complete the in-person training, so you can brush up on your skills and retain more knowledge. The online course also provides you with additional information and study materials to prepare you for certification. We are proud to be the only Product Management training company that offers this innovative approach to increase knowledge retention and the effectiveness of our training.

In-Person and Online Learning Process with Follow-Up Certification Exams

  1. Take the in-person training to learn core Product Management skills
  2. Review the training online and further your mastery of the concepts
  3. Use the online study materials to retain the information and prepare for certification
  4. Take the exam to earn the AIPMM certification credential

Hear From Students

The Product Management training was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a framework that I could use to understand and explain the role of Product Management.

Dane Laverty Product Management Training Testimonial
Dane Laverty
Product Manager
VSP Optics

The 280 Group Product Manager training was amazing and has already begun paying dividends for myself and our team.

Ralph Lazaro Product Management Training Testimonial
Ralph Lazaro
VP Digital Products Group

These Product Management courses are essential to your growth. I would recommend them to anyone who is dedicated to their profession and wants to learn Product Management and Product Marketing

Tony Quick Product Manager Training and Product Marketing Training Testimonial
Tony Quick
Director of Product Marketing

Product Management Training Courses

In-Person Training

Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Training

  • Includes: Certified Product Manager – Online Course and Exam

Agile for Product Managers and Product Owners Training

  • Includes: Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner – Online Course and Exam

Online Courses