Product Management
In-Person Training

We offer in-person training and certifications throughout the world. Topics include: core Product Management and Product Marketing skills across the full Product Lifecycle, the Optimal Product Process™, Agile, Scrum, team leadership and more. We hold several courses every month across our training locations.

Course Details Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Training Digital Product Management Agile for Product Managers and Product Owners
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced Beginner to Advanced Beginner to Advanced
This course is for Current Product Managers or Product Marketing Managers. People who want to become a Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager.
  • Current Product Managers Who Work With Digital Products
  • People Who Want to Become Product Managers Working With Digital Products
Current Product Managers or Product Owners. People who want to become Product Managers or Product Owners.
Topics Covered
  • Core Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager Skills
  • Full Product Lifecycle
  • Optimal Product Process™

  • Targeted Technical Product Management Skills for the Digital Product Manager
  • Dual-Track Product Development
  • Product Management for Iterative and Analytical Product Development Environments
  • Core Product Manager and Product Owner Skills
  • Product Manager and Product Owner Roles in Agile
  • Key Agile, Scrum and Leadership Concepts
Course Format In-Person Training With Online Training Retention Program In-Person Training With Exam Study Resources In-Person Training With Online Training Retention Program
Time Commitment 3 Days - 8 Hours/Day 3 Days - 8 Hours/Day 2 Days - 8 Hours/Day
Certification Exam AIPMM Certified Product Manager or Certified Product Marketing Manager Exam AIPMM Certified Digital Product Manager Exam AIPMM Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner
Price (USD) $2,995 USD $2,995 USD $1,995 USD
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Accelerate your career with hands-on, interactive Product Management, Product Marketing and Agile training!

Meet other Product Managers across a wide variety of companies and industries in these intensive workshop-style trainings. Training is comprised of lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises with instructor feedback, useful handouts and corresponding templates for productivity. Class sizes are small in order to enable hands-on exercises and in-depth class discussions. Attendees share experiences, best practices and ask instructors questions about specific challenges and topics.

Why You Should Choose Our Training

Comprehensive and Up to Date Content

We cover all the core Product Management skills, the full Product Lifecycle and current best practices. Our training is constantly evolving to match today’s challenges

A Proven Product Management Process

Our Optimal Product Process framework was created by our team of consultants and trainers with over 150 years of experience and includes corresponding templates

Worldwide Standard Certification

Every training includes a corresponding certification exam from the AIPMM to prove your domain mastery

Training Retention Program

We let you review your in-person training for a year with our online Training Retention Program

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are active consultants and thought leaders, each with an average of over 20 years of direct experience in Product Management and Product Marketing.

Small Class Sizes

We keep our class sizes small in order to maximize hands-on exercises, discussions and student/instructor interaction

Training Retention Program

Why Our Learning Process Is Unmatched

Our in-person training includes our unique Training Retention Program, a corresponding online course and certification which lets you review all the content from the in-person training and solidify the skills and concepts you learned. Why? Product Management is a difficult topic to master. Oftentimes students walk out of training with a new set of skills and knowledge that they are ready to apply, only to find that after a few weeks or months they forget the skills and concepts they learned and are slipping back to old habits. The online course allows you to review all the material you learned for one year after you complete the in-person training, so you can brush up on your skills and retain more knowledge. The online course also provides you with additional information and study materials to prepare you for certification. We are proud to be the only Product Management training company that offers this innovative approach to increase knowledge retention and the effectiveness of our training.

How It Works

  1. Take the in-person training to learn core Product Management skills
  2. Review the training online and further your mastery of the concepts
  3. Use the online study materials to retain the information and prepare for certification
  4. Take the exam to earn the Certified Product Manager credential

Hear from Our Students

"I wish all of our Product Managers would go through this training. It would have us all speaking the same language and understanding the same processes."
Paul NelsonProduct Manager, Johnson Controls
"Fantastic course. Strengths are both in the practical experience and expertise of the instructor and interactive nature of the course. Having peers to discuss challenges was also fantastic."
Ruben SunSenior Interaction Designer, Fjord
"This training and certification should be required for anyone that is in the role of Product Management."
Ben GonzalezProduct Manager, SomaLogic
"The trainer made the material easy to understand and added a lot of examples which helped with comprehension."
Melissa GerhardtProduct Manager, National Safety Apparel

Can’t make it in-person? Find an online course

We know that it can be difficult to make training dates fit in your schedule. That’s why we created online versions of all of our in-person training that covers the same content. You won’t have the opportunity to learn alongside other students or have in-depth discussions, but you will learn the same core skills and be ready to take the certification exam. Our online courses allow you to study at your own pace and take the exam from anywhere in the world, so they are a convenient alternative option.