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Private Custom Product Management Training

Private Custom Product Management Training

Transform your team with private custom Product Management training!

Custom-tailored, on-site training to optimize your Product Management team. Solve your biggest challenges with a perfectly customized course. Custom training can give you a competitive edge by teaching your staff the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs more effectively while focusing on the specific issues that your organization faces. These courses will take your entire team up to a new level of excellence rapidly. Private training is also very helpful for getting new hires up to speed.

We offer private training at client locations worldwide (either on-site or off-site nearby) for small and large groups and even entire companies. Our training is practical, up-to-date and supports worldwide-standards and best practices. This training will turn your employees into experts that are dramatically more effective at their jobs. For private training we can deliver our standard courses or we can completely customize the materials to meet your needs and match your process, terminology, examples and most critical internal challenges.

Benefits of private custom Product Management training (versus in-person training)

  • Courses can cover issues specific to your company and its situation
  • You choose what’s most important to spend time on in the curriculum – we can go very deep and map the training to your roles, responsibilities and process to ensure you get the maximum ROI on your training
  • Confidential company issues and solutions may be discussed freely
  • Training is delivered at or near your offices, minimizing travel expenses and schedule disruptions
  • In conjunction with certification exams, the training ensures the entire team attends and participates in the training and masters the material
  • Increases the knowledge and skill set of your entire team all at once
  • Educates other stakeholders and executives regarding the role, value and importance of excellent Product Management and Product Marketing

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Courses Offered For Private Custom Training

Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing

This three-day course covers the entire Product Lifecycle and all the core skills required to manage products effectively. The training teaches the flexible and comprehensive 280 Group Optimal Product Process™, and can be customized to match your process, terminology and products. Each phase of the process and the tasks for both Product Management and Product Marketing are covered in-depth. Students learn how to manage any product at any stage in the Product Lifecycle effectively and receive the Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit™ with corresponding productivity templates. Topics covered include the seven phases of the Product Lifecycle, the role of Product Management and Product Marketing, strategy, requirements, roadmaps, launches, and more.

Agile for Product Managers and Product Owners

This two-day course teaches all the core skills necessary for students to become Product Leaders in companies doing Agile development. Students learn how Product Managers and Product Owners can effectively work together and with their engineering teams. They also learn the foundations of scrum as well as other Agile methodologies: Kanban, Lean, XP and Hybrid processes. Each activity that Product Managers and Product Owners are responsible for is covered in-depth and corresponding exercises demonstrate how to apply these skills to real-world situations.

People Skills for Product Managers and Product Marketers

This one-day course is the only training in the world that teaches the people skills side of Product Management and Product Marketing. The course will teach students how to dramatically increase their effectiveness and productivity as a Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager. Through hands-on exercises and lectures, students spend the day learning critical skills and developing a corresponding action plan to apply in their jobs. Topics covered include the role of Product Management and Product Marketing, how to work more effectively with sales and engineering, negotiation/mediation, communication, productivity, career advancement and more.

Leadership for Product Managers

This one-day course will transform students into highly-effective and dynamic Product Management leaders. Through a combination of lectures and extensive hands-on exercises, students will learn to apply their specific strengths as a leader to exert more influence in your organization. They will learn how to more effectively lead those they have no formal authority over, and will leave the course with a concrete plan of action to apply what they have learned.

Intro to Product Management

This one-day course is for new Product Managers and those interested in moving into the profession. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, students get a basic overview of the Product Management role and corresponding strategic and tactical responsibilities. Students will leave the class with a clear understanding of the role and its importance to business, learn the basic tasks and overall Product Lifecycle that every Product Manager should follow, and gain a foundation for success in the role.

Online Courses and Certification Exams

Start training your team today with our online courses and certification exams. These are the most comprehensive courses available, and allow employees to study at their own pace to learn core Product Management skills and earn a worldwide-standard certification from AIPMM. Online courses include learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials and a comprehensive practice exam to teach teams core skills and prepare them for certification. These online courses can be paired with private custom training to review material, increase knowledge retention and improve the long-lasting effectiveness of our training.

Online Courses and Exams Include:

Have a group of five or more that is interested in our online courses and certification exams?


Custom Workshops

We offer a variety of custom courses that can be combined and customized to meet your specific needs. Course length can range from one-hour seminars/webinars to multi-day intensive seminars covering one or more topics. Below is a partial list of topics that we have delivered for other clients (contact us for specific details and to discuss your needs):

  • How to build compelling product roadmaps
  • Running high-impact product launches
  • Planning and executing successful beta programs
  • How to get phenomenal product reviews
  • Working more effectively with your sales team
  • Working more effectively with your engineering team
  • How to tear apart your competition
  • Effective customer and market research
  • Personal strategic plans for Product Managers and Marketers
  • Time management and productivity for Product Managers and Marketers
  • Delivering great demos
  • Optimized decision making for teams and Product Managers