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Certified Product Manager

  • Certified Product Manager - Online Course and Exam

    Certified Product Manager – Online Course and Exam

    $ 1,495.00

    Master all core Product Management skills and become a Certified Product Manager

    The Certified Product Manager – Online Course and Exam teaches you all the core skills that are critical to be a highly-effective Product Manager. In this course you’ll learn how to manage products through every phase of the Product Lifecycle to make them (and your career) more successful. The online course includes 18 learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials and a comprehensive practice exam to help you master the material and pass the worldwide-standard Certified Product Manager exam.

    The first section of the course covers all of the material from 280 Group’s in-person training, Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing™. The second section teaches you the remaining material necessary to pass the exam. Once you have completed the online course and exam preparation materials you will be ready to take the Certified Product Manager® (CPM) exam administered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) to earn the prestigious and highly-respected credential.