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  • Optimal Product Process 2.0 Framework | Product Management Methodology

    Optimal Product Process

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    The Optimal Product Process is the most up-to-date and easily adopted Product Management process available

    The 280 Group’s Optimal Product Process (OPP) is a comprehensive and unique Product Management framework that can be easily adapted for nearly any environment regardless of its development methodology, size or maturity.

    The Optimal Product Process:

    • Covers all phases of the product lifecycle
    • Supports and builds on a worldwide industry standard
    • Can be completely customized for nearly any environment or development methodology (Waterfall or Agile)
    • Provides for continuous improvement of Product Management and Product Marketing functions

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  • Lean Product Management by Greg Cohen Book

    Lean Product Management

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    Achieving optimal product-market fit in record time with fewer resources

    The 280 Group is excited to make available an advanced copy of Lean Product Management by Greg Cohen. This pioneering guide approaches Product Management through the lens of Lean, Agile, and the Theory of Constraints. The book details an alternative Product Management framework that focuses one simple idea: optimizing product-market fit in less time with fewer resources. Since its release, the 280 Group has continued to create, refine, and expand techniques to help product teams become Lean.

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