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42 Rules of Product Marketing

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Learn the rules of Product Marketing from leading experts from around the world

Whether you are a seasoned and experienced product marketer or are just starting out, the 42 Rules of Product Marketing will help you work more effectively and produce greater returns for your company.

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Product Description

42 Rules of Product Marketing is a collection of Product Marketing wisdom and insights. This book will expose you to the experience and knowledge of a group of the world’s leading Product Marketing experts with a range of perspectives in both consumer and business markets.

Phil Burton
Gary Parker
Brian Lawley

List of Product Marketing Rules

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  • Rule 1: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
  • Rule 2: THINK BIG!, start small, move fast
  • Rule 3: Learn from Your Customers’ Digital Body Language
  • Rule 4: Help Your Prospect Know “What’s In It For Me?”
  • Rule 5: Follow the New Rules of PR!
  • Rule 6: Work Effectively with Analysts
  • Rule 7: Business Research is about Decisions, Not Questions
  • Rule 8: Have Courage at Launch
  • Rule 9: Make Your CFO a Social Media Fan
  • Rule 10: Make Social Media a Listening Platform
  • Rule 11: Leverage Social Media or Be Fired!
  • Rule 12: Reinvent Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Rule 13: Emulate Twitter!
  • Rule 14: Create Successful Launch Teams
  • Rule 15: Marketing Checklists Ensure Success
  • Rule 16: Remember Your Internal Customers
  • Rule 17: Wield influence, Even When You Have Little Power
  • Rule 18: Use Online Metrics for Product Marketing Success
  • Rule 19: Apply SEO Fundamentals Everywhere
  • Rule 20: Generate Demand, Not Leads
  • Rule 21: Help Your Sales Team Communicate Your Message
  • Rule 22: Give Sales the Right Selling Tools
  • Rule 23: Successful Channel Plans Start with Strategy
  • Rule 24: Help Prospects Make Buying Decisions!
  • Rule 25: Create the Right Messaging First
  • Rule 26: Always Test Your Message
  • Rule 27: Forget about Your Product
  • Rule 28: Help Customers Cost-Justify Your Product
  • Rule 29: Sell More by Talking Less
  • Rule 30: You Are Not Your Customer
  • Rule 31: Prepare Your Marketing for the Final Three Feet
  • Rule 32: Protect Your Product’s Rear
  • Rule 33: Be The Customer Usage Expert
  • Rule 34: Speak In The Customer’s Language
  • Rule 35: Create Simple Messages for Complex Products
  • Rule 36: Turn Your Audience into Advocates
  • Rule 37: Get Close and Personal with Your Customers
  • Rule 38: Honest, Open Messaging Leads to Success
  • Rule 39: Learn to Love Marketing Data
  • Rule 40: Shine the Light on Product Marketing
  • Rule 41: Use Your Competitor’s Products against Them
  • Rule 42: These Are Our Rules. What Are Yours?
  • Appendix A: Bonus Rules
  • Appendix B: Contributing Authors
  • Appendix C: Product Marketing Resources
  • Appendix D: Product Management and Marketing Templates
  • Appendix E: 280 Group Services
  • Appendix F: Endnotes


42 Rules of Product Marketing is an excellent compilation of easy-to-read marketing tips that cover sate of the art marketing practices

– Mike Freier, President, Silicon Valley Product Management Association

Powerful but concise book that pulls together the insights, experience and wisdom of over 40 marketing professionals with excellent advice for both consumer and business products

– Therese Padilla, President, Association of International Product Marketing & Management