Expert Product Management

Advanced Techniques, Tips and Strategies for Product Marketing and Product Management

Expert Product Management teaches both new and seasoned Product Managers powerful and effective ways to ensure they give their products the best possible chance for success. Learn how to create compelling roadmaps, run better beta programs and launches, and get great product reviews.


Book Description

Expert Product Management will teach you the four most critical elements for a product’s success.

Prioritizing features and creating a product roadmap is absolutely critical for getting your team and company on the same page to deliver the right features at the right time. Expert Product Management will show you how to create compelling roadmaps that are highly effective.

Expert Product Management also shows you how to run effective beta programs, which oftentimes mean the difference between shipping a poor-quality product and shipping with a high degree of confidence.

In the book you’ll also learn how to plan and execute an effective product launch. Short of building a great product, product launches are one of the most, if not the most, critical factors for achieving success.

In conjunction with a successful launch, you’ll learn how to get phenomenal reviews for your products. Oftentimes this is an afterthought and is not dealt with until or unless the product begins receiving poor reviews. This puts you into a reactive defensive position. A well-managed review plan can turn press and analysts into one of your most powerful marketing assets, further accelerating the success of your product.

Brian Lawley shares lessons from the trenches after 25 years of experience defining, launching and marketing over 50 products.


Brian Lawley, CEO and Founder, 280 Group

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Product Roadmaps
Chapter 3. Beta Programs
Chapter 4. Product Launches
Chapter 5. Review Programs
Chapter 6. Conclusion
Appendix A: Product Management Resources
Appendix B: Templates



Alyssa Dver, CPM, CPMM, MBA, Author of “Software Product Management Essentials”, PM consultant and teacher

In technology Product Management, there are four pragmatic techniques every Product Manager needs to master. In Expert Product Management, Brian Lawley has written a no-fluff, concisely written guide to these areas. The book Expert Product Management contains a lot of information that I haven’t seen in other Product Management books, such as its succinct examination of several Road Mapping techniques. This book offers sound advice on these four topics which are presented in a logical, step by step flow supported with pertinent visuals and excellent case studies. Expert Product Management is an excellent guide to managing the more complex, but critical aspects of Product Management such as roadmapping and product launches. The book provides an invaluable professional validation for experienced Product Managers and it is a must-have learning tool for new PMs.

Michael J. Salerno, Co-Founder, Boston Product Management Association

Being an expert in Product Management means knowing what is critical for product success. The strategies and tools offered in Expert Product Management will allow new or seasoned practitioners to avoid the non-essential and stay focused on the critical path to plan, build and launch a market-leading product.

Noël Adams, President, PhaseForward and President NorCal PDMA (Product Development and Management Association)

Brian Lawley has done a great job pulling together tangible and practical tools and tips in this book that Product Managers can immediately put to use to increase the success of their product launches.