Lean Product Management

Achieving Optimal Product-market Fit in Record Time with Fewer Resources

This pioneering guide approaches Product Management through the lens of Lean, Agile, and the Theory of Constraints. The book details an alternative Product Management framework that focuses one simple idea: optimizing product-market fit in less time with fewer resources.

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Book Description

The book is a call to action to the Product Management community to embrace the need for continuous improvement in the Product Management process. It is also designed to challenge your thinking.

Approach the ideas in this book with the open mind of a child and then again with the skepticism of an elder. Be vocal. Let us know what resonates with your experience, what we left out, and what would not work in your environment.


Greg Cohen, Senior Consultant with 280 Group

Table of Contents

Forward by Brian Lawley

The Need for an Alternative Product Management Framework

Section 1: Introduction to Lean Product Management

Lean Product Management Defined

  • The Role of the Lean Product Manager
  • Mathematical Definition

The Foundation of Lean Product Management
Principles of Lean Product Management

Section 2: The Product-Market Fit Challenge


  • Understanding the Product-Market Fit Challenge
  • Case Studies
  • Optimizing (Type I)
  • Market Driven (Type II)
  • Tech Driven (Type III)
  • Visionary (Type IV)

Matching the Discovery and Development Process to the Product Market Fit Challenge

  • Product, Problem and Business Model Defined
  • Problem Undefined
  • Product Solution Undefined
  • Business Model Undefined
  • Two or More Vertices Undefined
  • Validated Learning
  • Key Product Discovery and Business Model Questions
  • Putting It All Together

Section 3: Becoming Lean

Skills and Knowledge Areas
Pay Off vs. Risk

  • Portfolio Planning and Ideation Funnel
  • Implications for Phase Gate
  • Implications for Project Funding

Leaks vs. Launches
Process Improvement
Where Do Services Fit?

Advancing the Discussion
About the Author