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Lean Product Management

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Achieving optimal product-market fit in record time with fewer resources

The 280 Group is excited to make available an advanced copy of Lean Product Management by Greg Cohen. This pioneering guide approaches Product Management through the lens of Lean, Agile, and the Theory of Constraints. The book details an alternative Product Management framework that focuses one simple idea: optimizing product-market fit in less time with fewer resources. Since its release, the 280 Group has continued to create, refine, and expand techniques to help product teams become Lean.

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Product Description

The book is a call to action to the Product Management community to embrace the need for continuous improvement in the Product Management process.  It is also designed to challenge your thinking.

Advanced reader copies are traditionally provided to a limited audience. With Lean Product Management, we felt it was important to get a broader base of feedback, and who better to approach than the talented Product Managers in the 280 Group community.

Approach the ideas in this book with the open mind of a child and then again with the skepticism of an elder. Be vocal. Let us know what resonates with your experience, what we left out, and what would not work in your environment.

Lean Product Management Introduction

Over the past twenty years Product Management has matured and become recognized as a profession. The need for a strong Product Management function, process and staff as a critical component for delivering excellent products with high profitability has never been more fully recognized or acknowledged than it is now. Great companies invest in building great Product Management, and the result is that they reap the rewards of customer loyalty and profitability.

Along with the changes in terms of visibility and recognition there have also been many advances in Product Management methodology and resources. Product Management Associations, ProductCamp (Pcamp) conferences, books that cover the Lean Startup but not Product Management, best-practices templates, frameworks, white papers and many other resources have been brought to life.

The 280 Group itself has contributed a large amount to the efforts of moving Product Management forward. Our 280 Group Press series of Product Management books, Optimal Product Process™, consulting and training offerings, newsletter and blog, Product Management LifeCycle Toolkit™ and Product Management Office™ and our vast array of free resources and white papers have helped tens of thousands of companies to implement better Product Management.

Twenty-five years ago, when I began my Product Management career, none of these resources existed.

Indeed, things have come a long way.

But as with anything, there is always a need to push the envelope and see what can be done to break free from the past and move forward into an exciting and more fruitful future.

Thus we present to you this book. Lean Product Management. It is designed to challenge your thinking about how Product Management has “always been done.” In fact, it is designed to challenge the 280 Group’s own thinking about best practices and the methodology that we train and help companies to implement.

It is possible that the theories put forth in this book will have limited applicability. It is also quite possible (and in my mind highly likely) that for many companies and teams there is a need to do things very differently than the Product Management history and tradition would allow for.

So please enjoy this book. Be highly critical. Challenge our assumptions. Be vocal. Participate. Work with us to discover new and better ways to great Product Management.

We welcome your feedback and opinions!

Brian Lawley

CEO and Founder, 280 Group

What’s Included

  • What is Lean Product Management
  • The four basic Product-Market Fit Challenges
  • Lean Product Management Model
  • Principles
  • Practices
  • Skills and Knowledge areas
  • Measures