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The Phenomenal Product Manager

$ 19.95

The Product Manager’s guide to success, job satisfaction and career acceleration

Read what has made the best Product Managers more successful and more satisfied with their careers. Learn how to accelerate your career and put together a plan for moving up rapidly.

The Phenomenal Product Manager book goes beyond the basics and teaches

  • How to work more effectively with teams
  • How to influence with no formal authority
  • How to get the most important work done in less time
  • How to accelerate your career
Includes links to a library of free Product Management white papers and templates

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Product Description

Product Management is one of the most dynamic and exciting careers around. Yet many Product Managers find themselves frustrated because of the unique challenges it presents. The Phenomenal Product Manager helps you overcome these challenges.

There are many books on the mechanics and core principles of Product Management, such as how to gather and write requirements, build roadmaps and perform other tasks. The Phenomenal Product Manager tells you the rest of the story—the strategies, tactics and techniques that will turn you into a great Product Manager.

Based on the author’s 25 years of Product Management experience, as well as perspectives from the world’s leading Product Management experts, The Phenomenal Product Manager is a must read for every Product Manager who wants to be more successful and get more enjoyment from their job.

Author: Brian Lawley
CEO & Founder, 280 Group

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Product marketing vs product management
  • What is a phenomenal product manager?
  • Influencing engineers
  • Leveraging your sales team
  • Getting management on your side
  • Leading your team
  • Doubling productivity
  • Career acceleration
  • Having fun
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A: The Product Management Manifesto
  • Appendix B: Product Management Resources
  • Appendix C: Product Management Templates


Where should product managers, or any business professional, invest their time to improve their productivity, effectiveness, and career growth? “The Phenomenal Product Manager” answers this question by presenting proven tips and techniques for anyone who must lead without authority or finds themselves in “reaction mode” far more than desired. Use the thought-provoking worksheets and exercises included in this book to stimulate action for overcoming challenges, delivering excellence, and sparking the passion and enthusiasm required for career fulfillment and market success.

– Michael J. Salerno, Co-Founder, Boston Product Management Association

The Phenomenal Product Manager could be also called, The Way of The Product Manager because of the gentle reminders this book offers to working product managers. This is a book on how product managers can successfully conduct themselves with teams, customers and most importantly upper management. There are now several good (even great) tactical guides to the role of product management, and now Brian Lawley gives a straightforward reference for those all-important soft skills not taught in school. The book leads the reader through the phases of managing themselves; managing the technical details; and managing people. I absolutely recommend this book for anyone new to product management or seeking tips on being more effective with the people in their organizations.

– Therese Padilla, President, Association of International Product Marketing and Management

The phenomenal product manager is a must-read for every product manager who wants to be more successful. Full of tips and strategies from a 25-year career in product management, it covers the real-world part of product management that no other book out there addresses.

– Mike Freier, President, Silicon Valley Product Management Association

There are those that teach and those that do – Brian Lawley is one of the few that knows how to do both.

– John Cook, Vice President WW Desktop Marketing, Hewlett Packard

After teaching, writing for, interviewing and interacting with thousands of product managers, I couldn’t agree more with Brian that successful ones have a set of key interpersonal skills. As a Product Manager, you can write great requirements and market analyses but unless you garner support from all the various stakeholders your work will at best be academic. The Phenomenal Product Manager helps you be more than just a sufficient PM, but an irreplaceable one.

– Alyssa Dver, Author, No Time Marketing and Software Product Management Essentials