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Product Management For Dummies

$ 26.99

Product Management for Dummies is the definitive guide to Product Management and a must-read for any and all Product Managers

This new Product Management book gives you the tools to vastly increase your skill level and become a great Product Manager.

Product Management for Dummies offers plain-English explanations on how to:

  • Gather and analyze customer and market feedback
  • Prioritize and convey requirements to engineering teams effectively
  • Maximize revenues and profitability
Includes a free download of the Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit, a $99 value

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Product Description

Product Management for Dummies is the definitive guide to Product Management and a must-read for any and all Product Managers.

The 280 Group and Wiley Publishing have worked together to make Product Management for Dummies a uniquely comprehensive resource. This essential Product Management book covers what Product Management is, what it isn’t, it’s importance and a great breadth of topics every Product Manager should know. Product Management for Dummies offers plain-English explanations of the product life cycle, market research, competitive analysis, market and pricing strategy, product roadmaps, the people skills it takes to effectively influence and negotiate, and so much more.

This new Product Management book is approachable in typical “Dummies” fashion but is not merely a resource for beginners; Product Management for Dummies provides great value for people looking to get in to the industry, Product Managers with decades of experience, and everyone in between.

Brian Lawley
CEO & Founder, The 280 Group
Pamela Schure
Director of Products and Services, The 280 Group

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Getting Started with Product Management
    • CHAPTER 1: Welcome to the World of Product Management
    • CHAPTER 2: Getting in Character: Discovering Your Role as a Product Manager
    • CHAPTER 3: Checking Out the Product Life Cycle
  • Part 2: Discovering, Evaluating, and Planning for Great Products and Services
    • CHAPTER 4: Coming Up with Great Product Ideas
    • CHAPTER 5: Working to Understand Who Your Customer Is
    • CHAPTER 6: Doing Your Homework: Evaluating Your Ideas
    • CHAPTER 7: Prioritizing and Selecting Your Ideas
    • CHAPTER 8: Planning to Plan: Choosing a Suitable Approach
    • CHAPTER 9: Developing Your Business Case
    • CHAPTER 10: Developing Your Market Strategy
    • CHAPTER 11: Developing a Plan: Market Needs, Product Description, and Road Maps
  • Part 3: Building and Maximizing Product Success: From Development to Retirement
    • CHAPTER 12: Shepherding a Product Idea through the Development Phase
    • CHAPTER 13: Gearing up for Your Product Launch: The Qualify Phase
    • CHAPTER 14: Liftoff! Planning and Executing an Effective Product Launch
    • CHAPTER 15: Maximizing Your Product’s Revenue and Profits
    • CHAPTER 16: Retirement: Replacing a Product or Taking It from the Market
  • Part 4: Becoming a Phenomenal Product Manager
    • CHAPTER 17: Cultivating Your Product Management Leadership Skills
    • CHAPTER 18: Mastering the Art of Persuasion
    • CHAPTER 19: Getting to the Next Level in Product Management
  • Part 5: Part of Tens
    • CHAPTER 20: Ten Common Product Launch Mistakes to Avoid
    • CHAPTER 21: Ten (Plus One) Road Maps to Help You Succeed
    • CHAPTER 22: Ten Ways Product Managers Fail
  • Glossary
  • Index


If you are a product manager or want to be a product manager, you quickly find the job requires both broad and deep knowledge in a variety of business areas. This book brilliantly arranges the topics and provides a wealth of information in a way that makes this a must have in your library.

– Therese Padilla, President of the Association of International Product Marketing and Management

This book does an amazing job of providing a resource that is useful to Product Managers regardless of experience level. I am going to buy a copy for everyone on my team!

– Leon Sievers, CEO & Founder, Audio-Optix Ltd

What a comprehensive guidebook into Product Management!
This is a must read for anyone who is currently in Product Management or about to embark on a career in Product Management.
Easy to read and well laid out, this book allows the reader to choose a walk-through the discipline of Product Management from basic concepts through to interfacing with other stakeholders and functions as well as PDLC, product launch etc., or just referring to an area of interest.
It can also act as an ongoing reference guide for specific areas of Product Management endeavor and a refresher for the various areas of Product Management activities and tasks.
I highly recommend Product Management for Dummies by Brian Lawley.

– John Haniotis, Principal at Axiomatic Approach

I found Product Management for Dummies to be a real gem. Never in one book do you find such an exhaustive step-by-step learning on doing product management the successful, professional way. I wish I had had a book like that when I started my career, instead of not knowing so much about the trade, and having to learn the ropes by doing and failing and realizing after the fact what I should have known a long time ago… This book has it all for you, in an easy to read and learn and very well organized manner.

– Thierry Doyen, Chief Partner Officer, Partners 4 Success

There are those that teach and those that do – Brian Lawley is one of the few that knows how to do both.

– John Cook, Vice President WW Desktop Marketing, Hewlett Packard