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Certified Product Manager Self-Study Course and Exam

$ 1,395.00

Stand out from the crowd by becoming a Certified Product Manager

The Certified Product Manager™ (CPM) Self-Study Course allows you to prepare for the prestigious industry standard Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) CPM certification exam. With this purchase you will have everything you need to master the material and prepare for the exam. The AIPMM online certification exam is included (a $395 value) and so is AIPMM membership ($125 value – required for exam) at no additional charge.

Benefits to Product Managers

  • Accelerate your career with a great promotion or new job
  • Differentiate yourself by proving your domain mastery
  • Study at your own pace and take the test at your convenience from your own computer anywhere in the world
  • Earn the industry-standard prestigious AIPMM certification

Benefits to CEOs, Directors/VPs of Product Management

  • Increase your team’s skill sets and effectiveness
  • Help your employees grow their careers
  • Increase team satisfaction
  • Ensure planning efforts are geared towards profitability and the voice of the customer

Benefits to HR Departments and Professionals

  • Provides employees with a widely-respected credential
  • Training can be taken anywhere, any time
  • Eliminates the cost of bringing a trainer onsite or sending attendees to training

no risk money back guarantee

Product Description

How do you differentiate yourself in Product Management and demonstrate that you are a professional who truly understands the discipline? Creating a clear competitive edge is critical for your product management career. One of the best ways is to become a Certified Product Manager (CPM). By taking the CPM Self-Study Course and Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) certification exam you will gain the necessary knowledge and industry insight needed to demonstrate your proficiency to any organization and your colleagues.

Becoming a CPM demonstrates that you understand both the strategic and the tactical functions of Product Management. AIPMM developed the Product Management Certification program to focus on interdisciplinary best practices that break through industry barriers to set the standard with proven methods and processes. The CPM course will cultivate the core knowledge and skills that apply to any product at any time during any phase of the product lifecycle.

With the AIPMM Certified Product Manager credential you will:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of theoretical and practical Product Management concepts, principles and terminology
  • Ability to evaluate and implement every aspect of Product Management strategy, including new product development through product end-of-life in both start-up companies through Fortune 500 companies.


  • Instant electronic download
  • Four one-day study sessions, study guides, and practice Certified Product Manager exam questions
  • Ten narrated presentations
  • Expert Product Management eBook
  • Optimal Product Process eBook
  • AIPMM Product Management certification online exam ($395 value)
  • AIPMM membership ($125 value – required to take exam)
  • Best practices white papers, samples and free template collection
  • Take the test at the 280 Group offices in San Jose, California or at your own computer
  • Second opportunity to take the certification exam if you don’t pass the first time

Additional information

  • Fees may be tax deductible – check with your tax professional. All expenses of continuing education taken to maintain and improve professional skills are tax deductible according to U.S. Treasury Regulation 1.162-5.

What’s Included

Comprehensive self-study course includes everything you need

  • Instant download to start studying immediately
  • Four one day study sessions
  • Ten self-paced presentations with narrated 260 slide presentation
  • Two opportunities to pass the AIPMM exam within one year of purchase ($395 value)
  • Glossary of terms used in the exam
  • Expert Product Management eBook
  • Optimal Product Process eBook
  • Product management best practices white papers, free template collection and sample documents

Review and practice as much as you need to ensure mastery of the material

  • Four study guides to follow along with the training presentations and take notes
  • Unlimited practice exams to review your score and see the correct answers
  • Review the sample essay, multiple choice and true/false questions that will appear on the final exam

Certification exam (online – $395 value)

One year AIPMM membership ($125 value – required to take exam)



Examples of what’s included with this Self-Study Course



The Certified Product Manager self-study course by the 280 Group is a thorough and concise review course that will help anyone preparing for the AIPMM Certified Product Manager exam.

– Therese Padilla, Founder & President AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing & Management), www.aipmm.com

The Certified Product Manager Self-study course is an easy and comprehensive way to prepare for the AIPMM industry-standard CPM exam. While the exams ultimately prove your product management competency, the Self-study course makes sure you are ready to shine.

The CPM Self-study course is an excellent way to prepare for becoming a Certified Product Manager through the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)

– Mike Freier, President, Silicon Valley Product Management Association

Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I am really pleased with the CPM certification. It’s fantastic to have an official third party validation of my skill set in product management that I can show prospective employers. The certifications have differentiated me from other candidates and have helped me get additional interviews. Furthermore, I believe they were instrumental in helping me get an outstanding job offer last week!

– Michael Jouaneh, MBA, CPM

The exam itself was a challenging (and humbling) experience. It measures thorough understanding of the essential product management principles. I will certainly recommend it to others, and look for certified candidates when I hire product managers. Congratulations to AIPMM on setting a long-needed bar to measure competence in this field!

– Linda Merrick, CPM -P5Group

The Certification is like an insurance policy for both company and PM. It takes away a lot of the risk in hiring for such a critical position.

– Alyssa Dver, CPM and author of the book “Software Product Management Essentials: a hands-on guide for small and midsize businesses” and writer for BusinessWeek Magazine

Establishing a common measurement of Product Managers’ ability is an important step toward greater recognition of this critical role’s importance across industries. I applaud the AIPMM for leading the way.

– Mara Krieps, CPM – Product Management Consortium

There is definitely a sense of pride in knowing that I proved to myself and others I know the best practices for Product Management. In addition, recruiters have said it makes my resume stand out from the rest.

– Holly Hansen, CPM

The certification is a rite of passage… it certainly helps to confirm one’s own abilities as a product manager.

– Linda Underwood CPM

CPM Self-Study FAQ

Terms and Conditions

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