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Beta Program Toolkit

$ 99.00

Beta program templates and training to help you run a more effective program with less effort!

Beta programs can be one of the most critical success factors for a new product release. Too often they are not well planned, or executed at the last minute with too few resources and a lack of focus. The Beta Program Toolkit will ensure your beta programs are comprehensive and effective at achieving your goals. At only $99, the Beta Program Toolkit is easily worth the savings you’ll get in terms of maximizing your product’s chances of success.

Run the best beta program possible

  • Learn and apply best practices
  • Save time with pre-designed templates
  • Ensure you don’t make common beta program errors

no risk money back guarantee

Product Description

Based on best practices from running dozens of beta programs, this toolkit includes templates, practical information and tips about how to plan and run a more effective customer beta program with less effort.

An effective beta program can provide you with valuable information, such as whether your product is truly ready to ship, what features should be in the follow-on release and how satisfied customers will or won’t be with the product. If done right, it can also set you up for critical launch and marketing deliverables such as success stories, customer quotes and references for the press.

Included is a narrated presentation covering all of the critical topics such as setting goals, what works most effectively, how to plan a beta program, what to expect from customers and how to get customers to be more active in helping your company do the final testing on your product. You will get templates and samples that can be quickly customized to get your beta program up and running fast. A white paper describes best practices and tips.

Beta Program Toolkit—save time and avoid mistakes

You could spend hours learning how to run an effective beta program and creating your own set of templates. Or you can buy the Beta Program Toolkit and have the knowledge, training, templates and samples you need to run a successful program.

Learn best practices to avoid making costly mistakes. Narrated presentation covers all of the critical elements you need to be aware of, including:

  • Setting goals
  • Writing a beta plan and getting sign-off
  • Who should manage the program
  • Ideal length of program
  • Recruiting participants
  • Selection of candidates
  • Factors in response rates
  • Expected participation levels
  • Customer agreements
  • Incentives
  • Ongoing communication with participants
  • Communicating internally
  • Conducting exit surveys
  • Writing the final report
  • Following up after the beta

Also included is a beta program best practices white paper to supplement the seminar and a beta program timeline to show you what needs to happen when.

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What’s Included

  • Instant electronic download
  • 17 templates including beta program plan
    • Critical Decisions Checklist
    • Deliverables Checklist
    • Beta Program Plan Template
    • Beta Customer Database (Excel & FileMaker formats)
    • Bug & Feature Database (Excel & FileMaker formats)
    • Beta Program Sample NDA
    • Customer Beta Agreement
    • Beta Program Timeline
    • Text for communicating with participants
      • a. Invitation email
      • b. Acceptance/rejection letter
      • c. Kickoff, Weekly status, thank you emails
    • Bug Submission Form
    • Exit Survey
    • Beta Program FAQ
    • Beta Program Final Report Template
  • Narrated training seminar/presentation that teaches you how to run a beta program
  • Best Practices White Paper
  • Samples and examples
  • 30 minute consultation with the 280 Group experts
  • Money Back Guarantee!


Examples of what’s included with this toolkit



The Beta Program Toolkit is a soup to nuts package to set up and administer a successful beta program. IT helps both novice and experienced beta administrators to make sure that everything is done correctly and that both internal and external expectations can be managed successfully. Using the Toolkit is like having an experienced beta mentor at your side to ensure that your beta program will go smoothly and that the results will effectively support a successful product launch.

– Alyssa S. Dver, Author of Software Product Management Essentials

No beta program is any good without a plan. The 280 Group has packaged a set of tools, including a narrated presentation, which is invaluable for setting the proper direction of any beta program.

– Therese Padilla, Founder, Executive Director AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management)

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