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Product Launch Toolkit

$ 99.00

Product launch toolkit with templates and training to dramatically increase your product's success!

Based on over 200 years of combined experience on the 280 Group team and dozens of product launches, the toolkit teaches best practices and gives you the tools, templates and training you need so that you can:

  • Beat your revenue goals
  • Position your product strongly against competitors
  • Create maximum “buzz” with customers and the industry
  • Save time creating launch and planning documents
  • Learn best practices for product launches
  • Avoid costly (and possibly fatal) mistakes
  • Give your product the best possible chance of success
  • Leverage traditional and social media marketing

Save time

  • Includes training, launch templates and guidelines to teach you best practices to maximize your launch and avoid costly errors
  • Eliminate the need to create your own plans and templates from scratch
  • Easy to use click-and-type templates
  • Focus on content, not formatting

no risk money back guarantee

Product Description

An effective launch can make the difference between a product’s success and failure. Using the Product Launch toolkit you can quickly and easily ensure you cover all critical aspects for successful launch plan.

Create more effective launch plans and execute them better:

  • Get the executive buy-in and budget you need
  • Give your product the best possible chance for success
  • Leverage the learning and best practices from dozens of successful launches
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • Fully customizable – add your own company logo, header and footer information, etc.

The toolkit includes templates and everything you need to maximize your launch and get the highest possible revenues as a result. It also includes a presentation showing how avoid common mistakes, and plan then execute a successful product launch.

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Nominated for the AIPMM “Excellence in Product Management Tools” award!

The  templates that are included cover every aspect to plan and execute a successful program. Don’t launch your products without it!

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What’s Included

Comprehensive toolkit includes templates, training and a 30 minute consultation!

Everything you need to plan and execute a successful product launch:

  • Instant Electronic Download!
  • Complete set of templates for a successful product launch (MS Office format)
    • Product Launch Plan template
    • Product Launch checklist
    • Competitive analysis and product comparison
    • Positioning statement and matrices
    • Press Release and press release background template
    • Press and analyst presentation
    • Customer presentation template
    • Marketing budget worksheet
    • ROI calculator for launch, marketing, and advertising
    • Product Launch Timeline Generator (basic for Excel 2003/2007, using Excel 2010 it will generate a more detailed schedule and all critical tasks)
  • How to Run a High Impact Product Launch training presentation
  • Utilizing social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube
  • Calculating your launch return on investment (ROI)
  • Product Naming
  • How to Write Features and Benefits
  • Press Release Guidelines
  • Top 10 Product Launch Mistakes
  • 30 minute consultation with the 280 Group
  • Money Back Guarantee!


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