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Product Management Lifecycle templates to deliver more effective and professional documents in less time

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The Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit™ provides you with professional, comprehensive and customizable Product Management lifecycle templates. Built upon best practices and the 280 Group Optimal Product Process™, this toolkit contains over 35 templates for the most common documents that Product Management professionals need to deliver.

Save time and write better documents faster

  • Easy to use click-and-type templates
  • Focus on content, not formatting
  • Fully customizable—add your own company logo, header and footer information, etc.

Deliver documents with impact that are more effective and persuasive

  • Templates incorporate best practices based on years of practical hands-on experience and research
  • Professional, consistent design and formatting standardized across all documents ensures that your marketing plans, MRDs, PRDs, launch plans and other deliverables have the same design and structure.

As a Product Management professional you know how time consuming and challenging it is to write high-quality documents that effectively guide your company’s product and marketing efforts. Keeping up on best practices, making sure that all of the critical elements are included and creating a consistent and professional look across all documents all take a lot of time better spent creating the critical content. The Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit makes it easy to write compelling and effective documents. It includes a set of templates based upon the 280 Group’s Optimal Product Process, a flexible and unique framework for managing products and ensuring maximum success. Also included is a short presentation describing the Optimal Product Process. The toolkit is a complete resource to help you successfully manage products through the entire lifecycle from initial concept to retirement. Each template includes instructions and information about the critical things you need to consider and document at the appropriate level for your situation in each phase. White papers and other reference materials are also included to help you learn best practices for success.


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Optimal Product Process Methodology

The Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit is based on a worldwide standard model created by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM). Building on top of the AIPMM seven phase lifecycle, we have created an entire framework named the Optimal Product Process that includes templates, training and methodology to allow any company to leverage this in their product development and delivery efforts.

Optimal Product Process

The Optimal Product Process consists of seven phases (Conceive – Plan – Develop – Qualify – Launch – Maximize – Retire), with nine corresponding documents that address every critical strategic and tactical issue that must be considered in order to move from one phase to another. The nine documents used in the Optimal Product Process are available as individual templates and in a combined Master Product Plan so that you can use them however best fits your situation.

Nine Core Optimal Product Process Documents

Product Management Process | Nine Key Product Decision Documents

Product Management Process | Nine Key Product Decision Documents

What’s Included

Comprehensive toolkit includes everything you need to get started

  • Instant electronic download
  • Over 35 Product Management templates covering every stage of the Product Lifecycle
  • Optimal Product Process Framework and a presentation explaining the framework
  • Expert Product Management and How to Be a Phenomenal Product Manager eBooks
  • Templates for all seven phases of the 280 Group Optimal Product Process Framework
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Templates for All Phases of the Product Lifecycle

Phase 1: Conceive
Generate and prioritize new ideas to determine where you will focus your time doing more in-depth planning:

  • Market validation checklist

Phase 2: Plan
Analyze all aspects of bringing the product to market to ensure success:

  • Business case template
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market requirements (MRD) and needs template
  • Product description (PRD) and feature template
  • Feature prioritization
  • Product roadmap template
  • Market strategy template

Phase 3: Develop
Build a product that meets or exceeds customer needs and wins in the marketplace:

  • Bug and feature database

Phase 4: Qualify
Test in-house and with customers to ensure product meets quality standards and is ready to ship:

  • Beta Program Plan template
  • How to Run an Effective Beta Program white paper

Phase 5: Launch
Bring the product to market in a way that maximizes revenues and beats the competition:

  • Product launch plan template
  • Top 10 Product Launch Mistakes white paper
  • Selling Tools
  • Press Release template
  • Product Reviews templates and how tos

Phase 6: Maximize
Generate demand and leads that achieve your sales and revenue goals:

  • Marketing plan template
  • Choosing marketing programs

Phase 7: Retire
Take the product off the market, either replacing it with a new version or removing it entirely:

  • End-of-life plan


Examples of what’s included with this toolkit

Therese Padilla, Founder, Executive Director AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management)

I have one word for the 280 Group Toolkit: Fantastic. These templates are extremely useful, well designed and come with great example data. Every Product Manager should purchase a set.

Jim Reekes, Former VP of Products, Meeting Maker Inc.

This collection of templates and general best practices documents are exactly what Product Managers need. It is easily worth three times the price!

Alyssa Dver, CPM/CPMM, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, SEDONA Corporation; Author of “Software Product Management Essentials”

The Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit is a great collection of templates and training that can help both experienced and new Product Managers be more productive and effective.


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Our Product Management templates are for use with Microsoft Office and include Word (.doc), Excel (.xls) and Powerpoint (.ppt) documents.
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