Product Management Office Professional

All eight of the 280 Group toolkits are included in the Product Management Office Professional™ - the complete template collection to help you be productive and dramatically more effective.

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Don’t spend hundreds of hours learning best practices, creating your own templates and risking the possibility of making mistakes or leaving critical details out of your work. Instead get a copy of the PM Office Professional – it is easily worth the savings you’ll get in terms of time, effort, impact and ability to influence your organization. This bundle is an $800 dollar value for only $399.

The Product Management Office Professional will help you to:

  • Be more productive
  • Deliver more effective documents in less time
  • Leverage a worldwide-standard product process framework
  • Create professional-looking documents with impact

The complete collection of all of our templates in one bundle. The Product Management Office Professional includes all eight of the 280 Group Toolkits, with 208 templates and dozens of samples and examples. The Product Management Office Professional also includes PDF versions of the best-selling 280 Group Press book series.

What’s Included

Product Management Office Professional v6.3:

Get all eight 280 Group toolkits ($800 value) including templates, how to presentations, white papers and books for only $399

  • Instant electronic download of all files
  • 208 Product Management templates in total
  • Copies of the 280 Group Press best-selling book series (PDF)
  • Optimal Product Process
  • The Phenomenal Product Manager
  • Expert Product Management
  • Agile Excellence for Product Managers
  • 42 Rules of Product Management
  • 42 Rules of Product Marketing
  • Eight “how to” presentations
  • Samples, examples and white papers
  • 30 minute consultation with 280 Group
  • 10 day money back guarantee!

In total there are 208 different templates included in the Product Management Office Professional

Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit™
35 Product Management Templates Including:
9 Core Documents of the Optimal Product Process

  • Business Case Document
  • Market Needs Document (MRD)
  • Product Description Document (PRD)
  • Roadmap Document
  • Market Strategy Document
  • Beta Plan
  • Launch Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • End of Life Plan

Templates for each phase of the Product Lifecycle

  • Conceive
  • Plan
  • Develop
  • Qualify
  • Launch
  • Maximize
  • Retire

How To Presentation: Optimal Product Process Overview

Product Roadmap Toolkit™
75 Product Roadmap Templates Including:

  • 14 types of roadmaps covering quarterly, annual and combined timelines
  • Three different styles/designs to choose from for each roadmap
  • Product Roadmap generator
  • Feature Prioritization Matrix
  • Four Quadrant analysis matrix
  • Kano analysis matrix
  • Project Prioritization Matrix for multiple product lines
  • Solution Component Matrix
  • Product Roadmap best practices white paper

How To Presentation: How to Create Compelling Product Roadmaps

Product Launch Toolkit™
17 Product Launch Templates Including:

  • Product Launch Plan template
  • Product Launch checklist
  • Competitive analysis and product comparison
  • Positioning statement and matrices
  • Press Release and press release background template
  • Press and analyst presentation
  • Customer presentation template
  • Marketing budget worksheet
  • ROI calculator for launch, marketing, and advertising
  • Product Launch Timeline Generator

How To Presentation: Plan and Execute a High Impact Product Launch

Beta Program Toolkit™
17 Beta Program Templates Including:

  • Critical Decisions Checklist
  • Deliverables Checklist
  • Beta Program Plan Template
  • Beta Customer Database
  • Bug & Feature Database
  • Beta Program Sample NDA
  • Customer Beta Agreement
  • Beta Program Timeline
  • Text for communicating with participants
    • Invitation email
    • Acceptance/rejection letter
    • Kickoff, Weekly status, thank you emails
  • Bug Submission Form
  • Exit Survey
  • Beta Program FAQ
  • Beta Program Final Report Template

How To Presentation: How to Run a Successful Beta Program

Feature Prioritization Toolkit™
16 Feature Prioritization Templates including:

  • Feature Prioritization Matrix template
  • Multiple Project Prioritization Matrix template
  • Golden feature, Theme based, and Timed release roadmap templates
  • Beta bug and feature database template
  • Market Needs template
  • Product Description template

6 large scale 3’ x 5’ posters, each covering a different advanced prioritization technique, to print and hang on the wall to guide meeting when collaborating with stakeholders

  • MoSCoW canvas
  • Kano canvas
  • Feature Lifecycle canvas
  • Time Dimension canvas
  • Value Cost canvas
  • Maximize Business Value canvas

How To Presentation: How to Prioritize Features

Competitive Analysis Toolkit™
17 Competitive Analysis Templates Including:

  • Company backgrounder (for each competitor)
  • Win Loss Summary Chart (for each competitor)
  • Industry Life Cycle Model
  • BCG Matrix
  • Porter’s Competitive Five Forces Model
  • Performance Grid
  • Positioning Statement & Matrices
  • Competitive Scope and Differentiation
  • Competitive Feature Matrix Comparison Chart
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market & Strategy Roadmaps
  • Internal Company Presentation of Findings
  • Executive Summary
  • Product Benefits Comparison Template
  • Added Value Matrix
  • External Presentation
  • Competitive Comparison Sales Tool

How To Presentation: How to Tear Apart Your Competition

Developer Program Toolkit™
9 Developer Program Templates Including:

  • Evangelism Plan template and sample
  • Developer program timeline
  • Seeding Program Invitation letter
  • Developer Database (Excel and FileMaker formats)
  • Developer Evangelism Plan Guidelines
  • Evangelism Project Cost Estimator
  • Developer Briefing guidelines and agenda
  • 1 Year roadmap and guidelines, formatted for technology and tools, developer training, or market opportunity
  • Partner Program Agreement

How To Presentation: Guidelines for a Developer Support Program

Product Review Program Toolkit™
15 Product Review Templates Including:

  • Reviewer’s Guide and samples
  • Product Review Program Plan
  • Competitive Product Comparison
  • Reviewer’s Kit Cover Letter
  • Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
  • Reviewer Tracking database
  • Product Review Program NDA
  • Product Review Program FAQ
  • Press Release and background template and sample
  • Press and Reviewer Kit Checklist
  • Company Backgrounder
  • Competitive Product Comparison
  • Press and analyst Presentation
  • Testimonials and Success Stories samples
  • How to Write Features and Benefits guide
  • Press Release guidelines
  • Press and Analyst Launch Timeline guide

How To Presentation: How to Get Phenomenal Product Reviews

Buy The PM Office Professional and Get the Complete Template Collection.

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Examples of what’s included with this toolkit


Therese Padilla, Founder, Executive Director AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management)

I have one word for the 280 Group Toolkit: Fantastic. These templates are extremely useful, well designed and come with great example data. Every Product Manager should purchase a set.

Jim Reekes, Former VP of Products, Meeting Maker Inc.

This collection of templates and general best practices documents are exactly what Product Managers need. It is easily worth three times the price!

Alyssa Dver, CPM/CPMM, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, SEDONA Corporation; Author of “Software Product Management Essentials”

The Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit is a great collection of templates and training that can help both experienced and new Product Managers be more productive and effective.

Ken Davis, Organizer, 4marketeers, Former Adjunct Professor of Product Management in the Santa Clara University MBA Program

I’m a creature of marketing methodologies and this Product Roadmap Toolkit is an excellent example. It could save you a year in getting your products RIGHT as well as helping close


What type of files are the templates?
Our Product Management templates are for use with Microsoft Office and include Word (.doc), Excel (.xls) and Powerpoint (.ppt) documents.
How do I purchase an individual toolkit?
We no longer sell our toolkits individually except for the Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit
Have further questions about our toolkits?
If you have further questions about our Product Management templates check out our full FAQ.