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Product Roadmap Toolkit

$ 99.00

Product Roadmap Templates and On-Demand Training

Templates, training and everything you need to quickly and easily create all of the different types of product roadmaps, prioritize requirements and build compelling roadmaps for both internal and external audiences.

Create more compelling and effective roadmaps

  • Product roadmap templates incorporate best practices based on over 200 years of practical hand-on experience
  • Drive internal development and resource priorities more effectively
  • Communicate your product plans in a more credible manner to external partners, customers, press, analysts and investors

Save time

  • Easy-to-use click-and-type product roadmap templates
  • Focus on content, not formatting
  • Fully customizable—add your own company logo, header and footer information, etc.
  • Templates in Microsoft Office formats

no risk money back guarantee

Product Description

Product roadmaps can mean the difference between success and failure when planning, delivering and marketing your products. They can be the most critical strategic planning tool used by Product Management. Roadmaps can win and keep customers, guide engineering, and set the vision and expectations for everyone.

Based on the 280 Group’s methodology and over 200 years of the team’s combined hands-on experience, the Product Roadmap Toolkit has been used by thousands of companies worldwide.

The Product Roadmap Toolkit includes everything you need to create all the different types of roadmaps, and prioritize requirements and projects to build a compelling roadmap for both internal and external audiences.

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What’s Included

Comprehensive toolkit includes everything you need to get started

  • On-demand training presentation:
    • Types of roadmaps
    • Common uses for roadmaps
    • 8 step process for creating internal & external roadmaps
    • Prioritizing features using matrices, four quadrant analysis and Kano analysis
    • Roadmaps for multiple product lines
    • Best practices
    • Examples & samples
    • Tips & strategies for success
  • 14 types of roadmaps covering quarterly, annual and combined timelines
  • 75 product line roadmap templates in all (PowerPoint and Excel)
  • Three different styles/designs to choose from for each roadmap
  • Product Roadmap generator (basic Excel 2003/2007 and  more advance Excel 2010 version)
  • Feature Prioritization Matrix
  • Four Quadrant analysis matrix
  • Kano analysis matrix
  • Project Prioritization Matrix for multiple product lines
  • Solution Component Matrix
  • Product Roadmap best practices white paper
  • Free half hour consultation with the 280 Group
  • Money back guarantee!


Examples of what’s included with this toolkit



The Product Roadmap Toolkit gives you a whole set of templates that a product manager can use to effectively envision, develop, and communicate a roadmap for the product. Product managers are often working on their own, with very few standards to look to as they carry out their mission. The materials available in the Product Roadmap Toolkit give a product manager a running start to a roadmap that can easily be customized to suit the specific priorities of the product and company.

– Jaques Murphy, Editor, Editor, Product Management Challenges Newsletter

I’m a creature of marketing methodologies and this Product Roadmap Toolkit is an excellent example. It could save you a year in getting your products RIGHT as well as helping close big deals.

– Ken Davis, Organizer, 4marketeers, Former Adjunct Professor of Product Management in the Santa Clara University MBA Program

Your product roadmap toolkit has given me an excellent framework from which to make feature prioritization tradeoffs and build roadmaps that are realistic. The tutorial had a number of great ideas. Instantly usable. Good stuff! Thank you!

– James Dillworth, Founder/CEO, Real Life Gifts (experience THIS, Inc.)

The online presentation and templates have been helpful. I have done boatloads of roadmaps over the years with CEOs CTOs and everyone has their own way. Your package served as a nice refresher and helped me design roadmaps that have brought clarity to our process.

– Ian Locke, Vice President Operations, VFM Leonardo Inc.

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