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Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Product Owners Training Course

$ 1,995.00

Learn How to Be a Highly Effective Business and Team Leader in Agile Development Environments and Get Certified!

This two-day course teaches students the foundations of Agile and how a Product Manager and Product Owner should interact with each other and engineering teams. The training covers all of the content found in Product Owner certification training courses plus Agile Product Management and team leadership skills. Students will learn the skills needed to succeed with any flavor of Agile: Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean and Hybrid Agile processes. The highly interactive and extensive exercises used in a small class setting will bring to life techniques needed to align Agile teams with market demands. The goal is to develop excellent Agile skills that will lead to successful and profitable products.

Become Great at Agile Product Management and Product Ownership. Then Get Certified!

  • Work more effectively with your Agile development teams
  • Increase your effectiveness as a Product Manager, Product Owner and/or team contributor
  • Earn the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner™ (ACPMPO) worldwide-standard credential

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Also available as an online self-study course.

Full Course Description

Become incredibly effective as an Agile Product Manager and/or Agile Product Owner and earn the worldwide-standard Agile Product Management and Product Ownership certification! This course covers multiple Agile development methods (Scrum, XP, Kanban and Lean) and is focused on practical application to make participants dramatically more effective the moment they return to their desks. Attendees will learn best practices in working with Agile teams and be able to apply them effectively in their day-to-day work.

Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Product Owners Datasheet

Download Training Course Datasheet

Unlike other courses that only teach the basics of how to be a Scrum Product Owner, this course includes all of the core Product Owner concepts and also covers:

  • How to integrate business strategy and Product Management into your Agile process to drive successful products
  • Product Owner strategies for every phase of the product lifecycle
  • How to influence and lead your Agile teams
  • Best practices to be successful with Agile
  • Concepts beyond Scrum such as Lean, XP and Kanban

Course Outline

Day One: Agile Foundations

  • How Agile can help you achieve competitive advantage for your products
  • Scrum
  • Agile Release Management
  • Agile Release Planning
  • Story Mapping
  • Prioritization and Ordering the Product Backlog
  • Creating a Product Vision and Roadmap

Day Two: Achieving Excellence

  • Product Lifecycle Strategies for Agile
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Organizing Around Agile, including Scaling and Distributed Teams
  • Agile Documentation
  • Lean in an Agile Environment
  • Leadership Skills: How to successfully Influence and Create Alignment with Agile Teams and Stakeholders
  • Becoming a Phenomenal Product Manager and Product Owner

Class sizes are small to ensure extensive interaction with the students and trainer. Over one third of the in-person class is hands-on and experiential, so students not only gain the knowledge but they get to practice the skills. This ensures they can immediately begin applying what they have learned as soon as they return to work after the course.

Written by senior Agile instructor and expert Greg Cohen, author of the best-selling Agile Excellence for Product Managers book, this course will make students dramatically more effective as an Agile Product Manager, Product Owner and strategic business person.

Greg Cohen Author Agile Product Manager Product Owner Training Course


Greg Cohen
Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer

You can download the first two chapters of Agile Excellence for Product Managers here:


This course is available in-person at locations throughout the world. It can also be delivered privately onsite for your team or your entire company, and can be completely customized for your specific circumstances and situation.

Benefits for Managers Sending Their Employees Through the Course:

  • Arm your Product Managers and Product Owners with the skills and knowledge they need to lead Agile teams and drive strategic results
  • Retain and reward your employees by helping them grow their careers and skill sets. Give them the confidence that comes with earning a worldwide-standard certification
  • Increase the visibility and effectiveness of Product Management and Product Ownership in your organization

Benefits for Students Attending the Course:

  • Make your job working with Agile development teams more effective and more rewarding
  • Avoid common, potentially career-limiting mistakes that happen in an Agile environment
  • Increase your marketability by learning valuable skills and earning a highly-respected certification

What Students Are Saying

“I completely enjoyed the course and applaud the team for pulling together a succinct training that hits the core values of a Product Management and Product Ownership role within Agile. You have set a new level that other institutional trainings will look up to.”

Tim Frech Testimonial Agile Product Manager Product Owner Training Course
Tim Frech
Sr. Product Manager
Rovi Corporation

Includes Online Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner Exam

Becoming an Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner demonstrates you understand the different types of Agile development methodologies and know how to apply them effectively.

Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to take the online exam ($395 value included with the course) to earn the worldwide-standard ACPMPO™ (Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner) credential from the AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management). This credential will provide independent confirmation that students have a deep and thorough knowledge of Agile.

Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner Logo

Agile Certified Product

Manager and Product Owner

“The Agile Product Management and Product Ownership certification breaks new ground within the Agile community. Earning this one-of-a-kind worldwide standard certification will show that you have mastered the necessary skills to work in any Agile development environment and will differentiate yourself from your peers while making you dramatically more effective.”

AIPMM Testimonial
Therese Padilla

Why You Should Choose This Course

The table below shows why this course is the best choice for:

  • Product Managers who work closely with Product Owners or act as Product Owners
  • Product Owners who also want to learn Agile Product Management and team leadership skills
  • Product Managers who work in an Agile development environment
 Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Product Owners Class and CertificationOther “Product Owner”
only Certifications and Courses
Covers all foundation concepts in the most popular Product Owner Certifications?
Teaches strategic and business foundations?
Teaches how to lead, influence and align teams?
Clarifies role of Product Manager as primary strategic driver critical for overall product success?
Exam administered by independent and highly-credible third party?

Varies – many training companies deliver the exam themselves, and some require no exam at all for certification
Written and taught by active practitioners and experts in Agile and Product Management?
Available Worldwide?
Small courses to ensure extensive instructor attention and allow for deep discussion and highly-valuable hands-on exercises?

Don’t settle for a course that only covers Product Owner concepts.

Learn how to be a strategic driver in an Agile environment.

69% of companies that we recently surveyed are using Agile development methodologies and 70% of Product Managers at these companies are also acting as Product Owners. Arm yourself with the necessary skills to succeed in Agile development environments.

What’s Included

Each attendee receives the following:

  • Printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course
  • $395 exam and the ability to take the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner Exam (online
    exam is scheduled by the student and may be taken within one year of completion of the course)
  • Certificate of completion for “Agile Excellence for Product Managers and Product Owners”
  • One year AIPMM membership ($125 value – required to take online exam)
  • A copy of Greg Cohen’s Agile Excellence for Product Managers eBook
Agile Excellence for Product Managers by Greg Cohen

This training course is based on the best-selling book, Agile Excellence for Product Managers, by Greg Cohen


Training FAQ

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How do I get a certificate of completion?

Upon completion of the course you will be provided with a digital certificate. For examination courses, AIPMM will mail your certificate upon their completion of grading your exam. Be sure to provide AIPMM with the correct shipping address to ensure delivery.

How long are the classes?

The classes begin 8:30am to 5:30pm, unless otherwise noted.

Are meals included?

Not unless otherwise noted. There will be a break for lunch around noon and two 15-minute breaks; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

What is the typical participant dress at these classes?

Business casual, unless there is very bad weather, e.g. snow, and then you should dress appropriately.

What do I need to bring to the course?

You are encouraged to disconnect during the training. You will be supplied with the course books and handouts. You are welcome to take notes on the material directly or may bring your electronic devices to take notes. In-person certification courses that have an exam on the final day you are required to bring a laptop for the examination. The following are the browser and system requirements from AIPMM: Firefox, and Chrome on both Windows and Mac OS are supported and recommended for the examination. Other browsers may work if they support Adobe Flash. Note that Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported for Windows or Mac OS.

What happens if I have a meeting scheduled during the class hours?

We ask that all cell phones and email be completely turned off during class and that students use the numerous breaks and lunch to take care of any business. If attendees need to leave class they are free to do so but we ask that they leave quietly and not disturb the class.

We highly recommend that attendees not do this for a number of reasons:

  • They may miss information that is critical for the certification exams
  • The instructor will not spend class time reviewing anything they miss, so if material is dependent upon something they have missed it may be difficult for them to understand it
  • Additionally, the certificates are delivered at the end of the course

Who is my trainer?

All of our courses are delivered by seasoned senior consultants that have many years of experience.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Cancellations received less than 10 business days before the first day of training will be charged 50% of the training cost.
  • Cancellations received less than 5 business days before the first day of training will be charged 100% of the training cost.
  • Transfers will be allowed. The 280 Group must receive the notice in writing from the initial class registrant with the name of the individual who is receiving the transfer.
  • Course transfer requests received less than 5 business days before the first day of training will be charged a $500 late transfer penalty.
  • The 280 Group reserves the right to cancel the training with 10 business days’ notice. In this case, all fees paid will be fully refunded. The 280 Group will not be responsible for any other expenses incurred by attendees, such as non-cancelable airline or hotel fees, etc.