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Critical Importance Of Product Management

Educate the Executives and Stakeholders Who Interact with Product Management

The Critical Importance of Product Management™ is a two-hour course that educates stakeholders and executives about the Product Management function, why it is critical and how optimization can benefit organizations. Topics include why great companies need Product Management, the rising importance and role of Product Management and how other departments in the company will benefit from this strategic function. It is designed for executives and those who interact with Product Managers to make sure they understand the role and ensure they embrace and fully support the training, coaching, process and other changes being made.

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Course Info - What's Covered

  • Skill Level

    • All levels of stakeholders and executives who interact with Product Management
  • Topics Covered

    • Why great companies need great Product Management
    • Product Management’s increasing importance in corporations
    • The role (and non-role) of Product Management
    • How excellent Product Management will benefit the other departments in the company.
  • Time Commitment

    2 Hours

  • Course Format

    In-person TrainingInteractive lecture and seminar

  • Price

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Who This Course Is For

This course is for anyone that wants to gain an understanding of why great Product Management is critical for a company to succeed long-term. This includes executives and other stakeholders who interact with Product Management but who may not yet understand the benefits that Product Management will bring to them in achieving their corporate goals.

What's Included

  • What’s Included with the Training

    Printed copies of all materials for future reference

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