Custom Product Management Workshops

Create a Custom Product Management Workshop to Cover Specific Topics and Curriculum

We offer a variety of custom Product Management workshops that can be combined and customized to meet your specific needs. Course length can range from a half-day to full-day seminars and workshops covering one or more topics. To create the workshops we work closely with you to understand what topics you need to cover in-depth and then create and deliver a customized curriculum.

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Below is a partial list of topics that we have delivered for other clients:

  1. Lean Product Management
  2. Strategy excellence for Product Managers
  3. How to build compelling product roadmaps
  4. Running high-impact product launches
  5. Planning and executing successful beta programs
  6. How to get phenomenal product reviews
  7. Working more effectively with your sales team
  8. Working more effectively with your engineering team
  9. How to tear apart your competition
  10. Effective customer and market research
  11. Personal strategic plans for Product Managers and Marketers
  12. Time management and productivity for Product Managers and Marketers
  13. Delivering great demos
  14. Optimized decision making for teams and Product Managers

Course Info - What's Covered

  • Skill Level

    • Beginner to Advanced
  • Topics Covered

    Choose what topics you want to cover and we will create custom workshop.

  • Time Commitment

    Half day or Full day

  • Course Format

    In-person TrainingLectures, discussions and intensive hands-on exercises

  • Price

    Call us at +1.408.834.7518 or Contact Us

Who This Course Is For

Custom workshops are delivered privately onsite for teams that wish to deeply learn the specific topic chosen in a hands-on, interactive and highly-effective manner.

What’s Included

  • What’s Included with the Training

    Printed copies of all materials for future reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience with training in my industry?

Yes! We have done training with companies from every major industry. Our training and process is flexible and can be applied to any product and industry. Additional customization can be done in order to make sure we address challenges specific to your industry.

How many participants are in the training?

We prefer small class sizes to maximize interaction and learning. Typical class sizes are from 6 to 20 participants.

Can this course be held onsite at my offices?

Absolutely. Our preferred method is to train your team onsite!

How much will a customized course cost?

It depends on the degree of customization needed. Sometimes we can start from one of our large library of stock materials, and just tune the material for your particular teams’ needs. Other times, we may need to create new content based on the issues you need addressed. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we can then customize a course to fit your needs and budget.