Leadership for Product Managers

Learn to lead Teams, Stakeholders and
Products to Maximum Success

Leadership for Product Managers™ is a one-day course for Product Managers who want to become highly-effective and dynamic product leaders. Topics include influencing teams and stakeholders, leading without authority and developing a personal leadership style and action plan. Through a combination of lectures and extensive hands-on exercises they will learn to apply their specific strengths as a leader, and exert more influence in your organization. They’ll learn techniques to more effectively lead without direct authority. Most importantly, they’ll leave the course with a concrete plan of action to apply what they’ve learned about themselves to establish their own personal, effective leadership style.

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Course Info - What's Covered

  • Skill Level

    • New and Experienced Product Managers
  • Topics Covered

    • Influencing Teams and Stakeholders
    • Leading without Authority
    • Developing a Personal Leadership Style
    • Finalizing Your Leadership Plan
  • Time Commitment

    1 Day8 Hours

  • Course Format

    In-person TrainingLectures, discussions and intensive hands-on exercises

  • Certificate

    Provided to each attendee at the end of the course

  • Price

    Call us at +1.408.834.7518 or Contact Us

Who This Course Is For

  • Any Product Manager who wants to learn how to lead more effectively
  • Product Management managers, directors and vice presidents who wish to increase their leadership capacity and skills

What You Will Learn

This course will teach your team how to identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses and them apply them to develop a leadership style that is unique to them and highly effective. They’ll learn about leadership challenges that are specific to Product Management (such as not having any of the team report to them directly) and how to overcome them. And they’ll build a personalized leadership development plan to implement over the next few months after the course.

  • Topics Covered

    • The critical importance of Product Management to your company’s success
    • Leadership defined
    • Leadership challenges specific to Product Management
    • Outcome creation from self
    • Outcome creation from stakeholders
    • Finding leverage in the system
    • Finalizing your leadership plan
    • Course summary
  • What’s Included with the Training

    • An official personalized course diploma and certificate of completion
    • Printed copies of all materials for future reference
    • Course workbook for creating a personal leadership plan

Course Goals

    • Understand how leadership can be more effectively applied based on each person’s unique situation, using insights about themselves, their stakeholders and their company’s Product Management system
    • Learn foundational leadership techniques that can be applied immediately to be more effective
    • Each attendee will develop a plan to utilize their specific leadership strengths and extend their knowledge and skills to be a better leader, and accelerate their career

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience with training in my industry?

Yes! We have done training with companies from every major industry. Our training and process is flexible and can be applied to any product and industry. Additional customization can be done in order to make sure we address challenges specific to your industry.

How many participants are in the training?

We prefer small class sizes to maximize interaction and learning. Typical class sizes are from 6 to 20 participants.

Can this course be held onsite at my offices?

Absolutely. Our preferred method is to train your team onsite!

Can this course be customized?

Of course! We can work with you to ensure that the content is tuned to your particular leadership situation, team size, and company culture.