Managing Product Managers

Learn How to Become a Highly-effective Manager of Product Management Teams

Managing Product Managers™ is a one-day course provides managers with the practical tools they need to develop and manage a team of Product Managers. Topics include what makes managing Product Managers different, building team influence, keys to avoiding failure and reinforcing leadership among your Product Managers. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, attendees will gain the knowledge and skills needed to be more effective product team leaders.

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Course Info - What's Covered

  • Skill Level

    • New and Experienced Managers
  • Topics Covered

    • What makes managing Product Managers different?
    • Four keys to avoiding failure for your team
    • Reinforcing leadership among your Product Managers
    • Building team influence outside your group
    • Finalizing your team and leadership plan
  • Time Commitment

    1 Day8 Hours

  • Course Format

    In-person TrainingLectures, discussions and intensive hands-on exercises

  • Certificate

    Provided to each attendee at the end of the course

  • Price

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Who This Course Is For

  • Those who supervise Product Managers
  • Experienced managers
  • New managers

What You Will Learn

This course will teach your managers how to become a more effective Product Management team leader. Whether they are new to the leadership role, or a seasoned manager, they’ll learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of leading a Product Management team, set up their teams for success, and build their teams’ influence outside the Product Management group. They’ll better understand how to focus their Product Managers on developing and growing their key skills to become true product leaders.

  • Topics Include:

    • Defining the role of the Product Manager
    • What makes managing Product Managers different?
    • Four keys to avoiding failure for your team
    • How your role changes from managing products to managing leaders
    • Reinforcing leadership among your Product Managers
    • Developing a culture of “why”
    • Keeping a strength focus
    • Putting candor to work
    • Facilitating PM influence & other core skills
    • Building team influence outside your group
    • Finalizing your team and leadership plan
  • 16 Exercises

    • 5 All-class exercises
    • 11 Individual exercises
    • 30 Day Action Plan – An 8-page workbook that students complete over the course of the day. The Action Plan allows students to walk away with a tangible list of their own first steps to put the course learnings to work with their team.
  • What’s Included with the Training

    • An official personalized course diploma and certificate of completion
    • Printed copies of all materials for future reference
    • Course workbook for creating a team and leadership plan

Course Goals

    • Learn to be more effective in managing, leading and inspiring a Product Management team
    • Gain skills and strategies to help grow Product Managers into more effective Product Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience with training in my industry?

Yes! We have done training with companies from every major industry. Our training and process is flexible and can be applied to any product and industry. Additional customization can be done in order to make sure we address challenges specific to your industry.

How many participants are in the training?

We prefer small class sizes to maximize interaction and learning. Typical class sizes are from 6 to 20 participants.

Can this course be held onsite at my offices?

Absolutely. Our preferred method is to train your team onsite!

Can this course be customized?

Of course! We can work with you to ensure that the content is tuned to your particular leadership situation, team size, and company culture.