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Learn all the core skills in the Product Lifecycle and become a Certified Product Manager

  1. Learn Core Skills Learn all the core skills in the Product Lifecycle and become a Certified Product Manager® (CPM) or Certified Product Marketing Manager® (CPMM).
  2. Engage Online  Participate in twelve 2-hour sessions from the convenience of your home or office.
  3. Get Certified Prove your mastery and advance your career by earning a worldwide-standard Product Management certification.
  4. Be Great at What You Do Use your new skills, confidence, and credibility to deliver great results in record time.

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Course Info - What’s Covered

Through twelve 2-hour live online modules, Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing training covers the entire Product Lifecycle and all the core skills required to manage products effectively. The course teaches the flexible and comprehensive Optimal Product Process™. Each phase of the process and the tasks for both Product Management and Product Marketing are covered in-depth. The course will teach you how to manage any product at any stage in the Product Lifecycle and includes a corresponding set of templates, the Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit™. Topics include the seven phases of the Product Lifecycle, the role of Product Management and Product Marketing, strategy, requirements, roadmaps, launches, and more. Using the latest online collaboration tools, you will learn through short lectures, group discussions and hands-on team exercises how to apply these skills to your current and future roles.

Download the Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Detailed Syllabus


  • Skill Level

    • Beginner to Advanced
  • Topics Covered

    • Optimal Product Process seven-phase framework covering the full Product Lifecycle
    • Product Management core concepts including key skills, strategies, tactics and terminology needed to manage any product at any phase of the Product Lifecycle
    • All information necessary to pass the Certified Product Manager exam
  • Time Commitment

    Online Training: twelve 2-hour modules offered on different schedules to suit your schedule
    Homework: 15-30 minutes per module
    Training Retention Program: 8 – 10 hours – additional time to review material and study for the certification exam

  • Course Format

    Online TrainingShort lectures, team discussions, and hands-on exercises in a virtual environment
    Training Retention ProgramAdditional self-paced online learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study guides, and practice exams

  • Certification Exam

    Certified Product Manager2 chances to take the exam within 1 year of completing in-person training

  • Price (USD)


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  • Financing

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After you complete the live online training you will receive access to our Training Retention Program. You can choose either our Certified Product Manager® – Online Course and Exam or Certified Product Marketing Manager® – Online Course and Exam to pursue the certification of your choice. The first component of the self-study online course covers all the content from the live online training, so you can review and practice what you have learned. The second component includes quizzes, exercises, study materials and a practice exam to help you prepare with confidence for the worldwide-standard certification exam. After going through the materials, you will be ready to take and pass the certification exam administered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) to earn this prestigious and highly-respected credential.

Who This Course Is For

  • New and mid-level Product Managers who want to learn core skills and best practices
  • Experienced Product Managers who want to refresh their knowledge and expand their skill set
  • Students who want to become Product Managers and learn about the profession, core skills and get certified
  • Organizations that want to optimize their Product Management function and pilot the course prior to private custom training

What You Will Learn

Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing™ training teaches the flexible and comprehensive 280 Group Optimal Product Process. You’ll learn about every important task and all the core skills required to manage products effectively. Each phase of the framework and the tasks for both Product Management and Product Marketing are covered in-depth. The corresponding templates and deliverables that map to the framework are used as working exercises in the class with relevant examples that demonstrate how the process applies to real-world situations. This comprehensive learning experience that ensures you will have the knowledge to apply the Optimal Product Process to your situation and be prepared for certification.

1 & 2
Taking Charge as the Product Manager
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Accountability & Decisions
Establishing Product-Market Fit
  • The Optimal Product Process
  • Conceive & Innovation
3 & 4
Defining Customer Segments and Personas
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Persona Development
Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • VOC Research Methods
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
5 & 6
Conducting Market Research and Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Market Research Techniques
Building Your Market Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Aligning Your Strategy
  • Positioning
7 & 8
Building Your Product Strategy
  • Whole Product Strategy
  • Branding and Pricing
  • Product Messaging Platform
Developing Market Needs
  • Problem Scenarios
  • Story Mapping
  • User Stories
9 & 10
Finalizing Your Product Requirements and Roadmap
  • Scoping Solutions
  • Prioritization
  • Building the Roadmap
Proving Your Business Case and Building Your Product
  • Forecasting & Financials
  • Making Your Case
  • Product Development
11 & 12
Validating and Launching Your Product
  • Beta Program
  • Launch
Maximizing Return and Retiring Your Product
  • Maximize with Marketing
  • End of Life
  • Training Retention Program: Certified Product Manager – Online Course and Exam

    1. Review the content from the live online course
    2. Learn additional information for the Certified Product Manager exam
    3. Use the study guide and practice exams to be fully prepared for certification
  • Course Goals

    • Learn to effectively manage any product at any stage in the Product Lifecycle
    • Gain the core skills and learn the corresponding concepts to be a highly-effective Product Manager for the rest of your career
    • Obtain a deep understanding of how great companies do Product Management
    • Be fully prepared to pass the Certified Product Manager exam

What’s Included With The Training?

  • Online Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Course

    Attend twelve 2-hour modules. Using Product Management for Dummies and a document that you can print for reference and notes, you have resources for the course – and into the future.

  • Product Management for Dummies

    Product Management for Dummies is used as the textbook and reference for the course.

  • Certified Product Manager – Online Course and Exam OR Certified Product Marketing Manager – Online Course and Exam ($1,495 value)*

    After completing the live online course you will be granted access to self-study online course of your choice to review what you have learned and receive additional learning modules, quizzes, study guides and a comprehensive practice exam to prepare you for the CPM or CPMM exam. The course includes two chances to take and pass the exam within one year of purchase.

    *By default you will receive the Certified Product Manager version of the course. If you wish to receive the Certified Product Marketing Manager version instead, please email us at after completing your purchase.

  • Product Management Lifecycle Toolkit™ ($99 value)

    A single user license to our template collection containing the nine core documents that the Optimal Product Process is built on.

  • AIPMM Membership ($125 value)

    One-year AIPMM membership required to take the exam.

  • Digital Certificates – Course Completion and Certification

    Display the digital certificates on your LinkedIn profile, email signatures and print them out to hang in your office.

Hear from Students

"Yay 😊 Fantastic course, and fantastic instructors @ 280 Group. If you work in Product Management (or Product Marketing) and often get lost in agile/scrum or waterfall discussion with development, losing focus on the customers and the market need, don’t put enough time in discovering what customers actually want to pay for (before starting to code), solely focusing on the features and not the WHOLE PRODUCT, and would like to know how to launch a product successfully with Sales and Marketing and drive demand – this is the course for you. Get a holistic understanding of the whole product lifecycle, and how to be successful in each phase! Build products people love 😉"
Frank Tommy BrotkeProduct Marketing Manager, LINK Mobility Group
“The syllabus is extremely well designed. It helps keep track of what you'll learn but also what you've learned so far. All exercises were relevant to the course, but more than that, the practical examples throughout the course were very valuable. The strategy canvas was excellent. Great examples of failed products and why. Tom and Ken are FANTASTIC, massive congratulations to both. You can tell how much experience they have and how passionate they are about the PM role and teaching about it. Thank you!”
Juan NaderSenior VFX Applications Engineer, Vicon Motion Systems
"The collaboration efforts with other students and especially the instructors created a great foundation for the learnings that were offered. My favorite modules had to do with implementing product management duties into an Agile environment. I work a lot with scrum teams and the roles between a product manager and project manager tend to get very muddled. It was good to see where the lines are and how they are different roles that should have different approaches, even towards a similar situation/software.”
Hinna ScullyProduct Manager, Optum
"Fantastic course. Strengths are both in the practical experience and expertise of the instructor and interactive nature of the course. Having peers to discuss challenges was also fantastic."
Ruben SunSenior Interaction Designer, Fjord
"The Product Management course was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a framework that I could use to understand and explain the role of Product Management. Walking through the phases, from “conceive” to “retire”, was the kind of holistic overview of Product Management that I had hoped to get from the course."
Dane LavertyProduct Manager, VSP Optics

Training Retention Program

Why Our Learning Process Is Unmatched

Our online training course includes our unique Training Retention Program, a corresponding self-study online course and certification which lets you review all the content from the live training and solidify the skills and concepts you learned. Why? Product Management and Product Marketing are difficult roles to master. Oftentimes students walk out of training with a new set of skills and knowledge that they are ready to apply, only to find that after a few weeks or months they forget the skills and concepts they learned and are slipping back to old habits. The self-study online course allows you to review all the material you learned for one year after you complete the live online training, so you can brush up on your skills and retain more knowledge. The self-study course also provides you with additional information and study materials to prepare you for certification. We are proud to be the only Product Management training company that offers this innovative approach to increase knowledge retention and the effectiveness of our training.

How It Works

  1. Take the live online training to learn core Product Management skills
  2. Review the self-study training online and further your mastery of the concepts
  3. Use the self-study online materials to prepare for certification
  4. Take the exam to earn the Certified Product Manager or Certified Product Marketing Manager credential

Why You Should Choose Our Training

Comprehensive and Up to Date Content

We cover all the core Product Management skills, the full Product Lifecycle and current best practices. Our training is constantly evolving to match today’s challenges.

A Proven Product Management Process

Our Optimal Product Process framework was created by our team of consultants and trainers with over 150 years of experience and includes corresponding templates.

Worldwide Standard Certification

Every training includes a corresponding certification exam from the AIPMM to prove your domain mastery.

Training Retention Program

We let you review your training for a year with our self-study online Training Retention Program.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are active consultants and thought leaders, each with an average of over 20 years of direct experience in Product Management and Product Marketing.

Small Class Sizes

We keep our class sizes small in order to maximize hands-on exercises, discussions and student/instructor interaction.

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