Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders

Making Your Transformation Stick

Congrats! Your organization has successfully begun its transformation – you’ve implemented new product processes and hurdled the shift from “feature factory-minded” to outcome-obsessed.  

Your Product Managers have never been more in synch.  

Even so, as new improvements disrupt old workflows, stakeholders working alongside Product Managers can feel left behind by process changes. As collaboration stalls, product leaders can struggle to continue progress with the larger team. The Product Management Collaboration for Stakeholders (PMCS) course guides non-Product Manager professionals on navigating a mutually beneficial relationship with their product teams. The concepts taught in this class align stakeholders to your company’s new product processes and demonstrate opportunities for all stakeholders to better partner with Product Managers, increasing transformation adoption from the entire organization. 

This interactive instructor-led course provides stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to work effectively alongside their Product Managers. Attendees will leave the class with a clear understanding of your Product Management process, its importance to their role, and a plan for how they can engage and collaborate with Product Management to help drive successful products and company outcomes. 

Get stakeholders aligned with your Product Management team 

  • Companies that empower Product Managers are 50% faster to market

A large insurance provider partnered with 280 Group in response to suffering significant losses in products and profitability:  

  • After training over 300 of their Product Managers to develop a consistent product process, their IT department stakeholders struggled to align with the new methodology. Once the IT team gained knowledge and understanding of the Product Managers’ role and new product process, both teams were able to effectively collaborate together. The organization experienced a 60% reduction in estimation time, because of increased efficiency and data-driven approaches to Product Management and development team interactions.


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  • Why Your Organization Will Benefit from this Course:

    • Expand the reach of your Product Management transformation by enabling stakeholders to be an active part of the change.  
    • Decrease role ambiguity and low morale with clear role definitions and expectations across all teams that work with your Product Managers. 
    • Increase the odds of success from your training investment in your Product Management team by aligning stakeholders with what your Product Managers are learning. 
    • Allow more time for your leaders to focus on portfolio strategy rather than people management. 

Course Info - What's Covered

  • Key Learnings Stakeholders Will Adopt to Help Drive Product Success:

    Interactive experience through lectures, discussion, and hands-on exercises 

    • The Product Manager Role   
    • The Product Lifecycle   
    • Voice of the Customer   
    • Driving Business Results   
    • Discovering and Validating
    • Product Vision and Strategy 
    • Collaborating for Success
  • How Stakeholders Will Learn:

    Live Online Training: 2 Days – 4 hours per day

    In-Person Training: 1 Day – 8 hours   

  • What Stakeholders Will Receive:

    • Official course diploma and certificate of completion  
    • Essential materials provided for future reference  
    • Customized Plan of Action to begin their collaboration journey  
  • Price

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Who Should Take This Course:

The PMCS course empowers all non-executive level stakeholders who interact with Product Management to work in sync for mutual success.   

  • Project Managers
  • Finance
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Legal
  • Sales
  • Marketing Professionals
  • User Experience
  • Product Designers
  • Engineers and Architects
  • Technical Writers
  • Data Analysts
  • Quality Assurance
  • Customer Support
  • Communications Specialists
  • Business Development
  • Public Relations/Affairs



For your organization to fully realize the benefits of this course, we recommend your Product Managers successfully adhere to standard processes. This may be achieved via the completion of formal training (280 Group or other) or internal up-skilling. Contact our team to discuss your organization’s readiness.

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