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A comprehensive understanding of the Product Management & Product Marketing roles, gaining the right knowledge, tools, and skills to build products that matter
  • Full Product Life Cycle: learn how to conduct all of the important PM tasks from idea to retirement/upgrade
  • Strategic: know how to develop a robust product strategy to guide making the right product and product portfolio decisions
  • Real & Flexible: be able to work with Development teams using waterfall, Agile, or a combination of both
Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Self-Study
Self-Study with Virtual Instructor Review
Live Online
Private Custom Training
A focused set of practical skills, concepts, and processes used by successful Digital Product Managers to satisfy customers’ ever-increasing expectations of digital products
  • Customer-Driven: identify the right customer success metrics to make the best product improvements
  • Rapid Evolution: know how to lead teams that design, develop, measure, learn, and deliver product increments that meet business goals and satisfy customer needs
  • Digital Collaboration: learn how to work more effectively with UX and Development teams using Lean Canvas and Design Thinking methodologies
Digital Product Management Live Online
Private Custom Training
A practical overview of Agile methodology uniquely designed for Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Provide Leadership: gain a deep understanding of how a Product Manager can best enable a successful Agile team
  • Unleash Agile: learn how to get the proper benefits from an Agile team to build better products, faster
Agile for Product Managers and Product Owners Self-Study
Private Custom Training